03 May 2012

Artist/Illustrator :: Ben Javens

Ben Javens


"His grumpy face hides a happy soul...well kind of." Ben Javens

Im so glad I stumbled upon Ben Javens, his illustrated works just gladen my heart.
Ben's work has contributed to various publications, a record label, and recently released card range for 1973.
There is a real purity in his work its not mimicry and for that Im truly grateful.
Ben is an Artist/llustrator with well chosen words and meaningful images. 
His illustrations have an intriguing verve created by a singing colour palette and an underlying pensive nature. 

Ben lives and works in England, UK.

Please take the time to visit Ben's work at his website, blog or follow on twitter
You can purchase Ben's work here.
Ben likes to hang out here.

The Artwork and quote are the sole property of the Artist/Illustrator Ben Javens. If you wish to repost any content from my post I ask that you repsect the Artists wishes in the use of his images/words stated below.

Ben asks that if you wish to repost his illustrations on your blog or website that you credit him as the Artist. If you would like to use them in any other way, please contact Ben Javens first.  Thank you.


Felicity said...

You're right, his work really does have verve and a terrific happy-making feel to it.

Thank you for including this as you POTM Club contribution.

Off to explore some more!

glòria said...

Cool! Your art rocks!