24 May 2012

^^^ pinterest favourites ^^^

Im beginning to fall in love with pinterest...I tried hard not too because I believe its just another enviroment that humans can continue on with their polluting ways filling up empty space with mindless and usually meaningless  debris.
I try to keep what I pin relevant to who I am and what I do but that has not stopped the odd cute kitty or dog photo or adorable baby picture finding its way onto my boards.

What I find humorous is the fact that I joined because I was desperate to find ways to make my rental kitchen not to look so drab for not a lot of money.
It seemed the ideal place to harvest resources quickly and collectively.

To this date I have a lot of interesting images relating to art, photography and fashion (?? I was unaware that I had an interest in fashion but apparently I do... just check out my likes and fashion board) and ermmm not any real harvest booty of the drab to fab kitchen kind.

I like the ease of use when trying to bring all my web presences together and pinterest offers this.

I think I will be doing the odd post now and then about whats on my boards to give the collections of images a little more function other than just being aesthetic.

To say pinterest is not functional is not exactly true there is a wonderful collection of practical howtos and tutorial links to follow. They in themselves are worth checking out.

Are you a pinterest person?

Id like to know what others think if you care to share your ideas about it and whether you find it mindless or mindful or whether you have avoided or adopted it. Im curious to see how my blogger friends see it and or use it.

Well must crack on the mountain of work is just not going away by itself!

Have a great day my friends!

Helen :)


susan christensen said...

Hi, Helen - First let me tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blog, where I always see something visually compelling. Regarding Pintrest, I had an account briefly but recently deleted it. For me, I have to keep my time on the screen limited to email, blog upkeep (both posting and reading), and developing new skills with Photoshop Elements - or my time with my other art gets eroded. Alas, I have a day job (part time) - when I can kick that to the curb, maybe I will join Pintrest again. I love the images you posted today, and am glad you are able to bring focus to your use of Pintrest's seductive realm. Best wishes, sus

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hi Sus
firstly thanks for responding and the nice comments about my blog!

I can see how easily pinterest could get out of hand as it seems to have that glut factor - filling up on the visual feast.

It must of been hard to kill the account. But I understand why you did it and if I found that I had to cut back on my online activities this would be the first to go.

I try to use it as a research tool for my blog so storing ideas for future posts etc.
I also like the easing of linking back into my blog.

Helen :)

www.finelittleday.com said...

Oh I love that bath tube drawing :)!

objectsofwhimsy said...

so do I :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the tub is rather special!!!! and too funny.