23 June 2012

Drawing Challenge :: I am?

Drawing Challenge :: I am?

Well I have this dilemma.... you see I have a rule of not allowing pictures of myself onto the net. Maybe its a genetic throwback to my maternal Grandmother whose adult life was documented in blurred action, faced covered with hands, teatowels any handy object that provided protection whilst escaping from my photography enthusiast Grandfather, or it could be that teaching privacy and internet security has made me hyper-reactive to this aspect of internet access. 

Who really knows?

So this challenge was tricky for me it couldnt be about my childhood or what appears in my journals from my hands it had to be about ME.
I tried to represent myself in typography or in objects but still it didnt really provide a true picture of who I am.
So a compromise was sought and after lots of illustrator here you have me. 
Im pretty happy with the result as I think Ive managed to stay true to my beliefs but you still get a picture of who I am.

To view other responses to this challenge please pop over to Patrices blog and follow the links.

artwork info

"F3  Esc  CapsLock  Esc  F8"  (this is my name in SWGamekeys MT font)

My type is Architype van Doesburg whats yours?
You can get a free download of my font from here.

Have a great weekend lovely blog friends

Helen x


Artwork and images are copyright to the Artist Helen Bordeaux 2012. If you wish to use any of the content in this post images or text please email me for permission and conditions. Thankyou!


Patrice A. said...

oh, yes, we have a lot
in common
I do not like to photographed
and am like you very reserved
with private things on internet
this theme made me think a a lot
about these things....
your drawing is great!
hello you!!

thanks for joining and sharing
Patrice A.

renilde said...

dear Helen, the way you solved your 'problem' made me smile,

i see 'assertive' in this post as well as progressive, i have to think of our last drawing challenge, how you came up with a theme last minute, 'disciplined', and in your ever lovely and accurate comments i see 'emotional'.
and i'm sure with time and visits here the picture will even get completer.

i just saw your previous post too, absolutely wonderful!

love x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
do you know that I've called you 'Helen-without-interrucption'?
In your drawing I find a little bit about that, I think... you are a fast woman? Very progressive.
So, nice to meet you!

x Ariane.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Tis true dear Ariane

a little too fast sometimes and then I become Queen of Faux pas's.
As you have discovered when I called you Patrice in my excitement to respond to your picture (red face)......gets me in to trouble sometimes....but for the most it is very handy and is a result of quite a few years in managing projects.
As you know design is all about initiating those ideas into something tangible.

Enjoy your weekend Miss Ariane :)

susan christensen said...

I had to laugh at your description of your camera-shy Grandmother! -sus

objectsofwhimsy said...

funnily enough I am in possession of the only 'posed' photograph of my Grandmother that is in existence the rest are her hiding (fronton face covered) or escaping(backview) all of them blurry.
If someone pulls a camera out in a room Im in my first urge is to escape out the nearest exit. heehee!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

so, but then, helen.
this is what you look like too, then, is it? i'm glad to get this mental picture of you anyway.
[your spontaneity is often catching, might i add? ;)))]

your granny could have been a whimsical background to any feel-good movie, couldn't she have? the tiny details to life that have such an impact! i find her eccentrically beautiful, without ever meeting her...

i understand your yearning for privacy. i have it. yet, i also feel happily challenged to reveal just enough to keep anybody guessing, in a good way. it's the magic of it all, i think.

tanïa said...

I think it's not a wrong decision to keep your face out of the worldwideweb...I often think about sending pictures out that won't return again! My decision is to avoid to publish other people's faces and if I do, I choose photos where they're hard to identify. I think that's least I can do, 'cause I wouldn't want to have a picture of me published without being asked. I sometimes think of all those children that are shown in blogs and I don't really feel comfortable with that.
But however, your artwork is amazing!

Best wishes
♥ tanïa ♥

Kristen Donegan said...

so true- there is always dread when posting a photo of oneself to such a potentially large audience! I like your solution!!
I remember hearing something about tribal peoples not wanting their photo taken because they believed it stole part of their soul- that has always made me wonder... :)

Leena said...

Lovely way to reveal something and protect your intimacy.ps. I wish I was more deciplined! x Leena

Katharina said...

Hey, you lovely people! I came here to say thanx to Helen for her nice words on my blog, and here I am in the middle of an interesting conversation going on whether or not to post pictures of oneself. Anyway, I like the way you made your "self-portrait". I´m sure it looks alot like you, but still, it is made in a way that it could be anybody. :-) That´s interesting! Maybe with all the beauty surgery going on, one day people will all look the same. Have the same noses, same teeth...who knows?
greetings, Kathi

objectsofwhimsy said...

scary thought Kathi unless of course you can choose any that you want ;)
I can assure you this is what I look like it is a facsimile of me I even added in the wrinkles! (I did think about doing some cosmetic surgery in illustrator) but I went with the a la natural.
It is a tracing of an image of me that I took.
I have dark hair and brown eyes and fair skin. Im not blue well if Im cold I my get a blueish tinge...
i would be impossible to steal an identity with an illustration dont you think?
Thats why I created an ID card because that is what we are about officially theses days vacant eyes and numbers so I made my own to what I think it should be illustrated, animated, telling people what person I am and officially identifying me by my typeface which was decided through um mmm rigorous testing... :)
All very intersting we have to thank Ariane for opening up this topic but also Elisabeth at Fine little day for bringing up the topic too a few weeks ago.
PS: Im a bit of a semiology/semantics nerd for which I apologise its a license to open the flood gates that is my mouth.
So now I will stop....

Have a great day everyone its sunny here so Im out for the day to catch the rays.......


Ritva said...

hi helen,
nice to see you, great picture!

for me it´s more important that we are true to ourselves,in what we do, than how much shall we reveal.
and if we are accurate, what does a close-up photo do better? it´s only one expression.
i do love faces. love to see them, different and interesting.
but even more interesting for me is to really be in contact, also read between the lines and try to make a picture of YOU, feel the friendship around.
that´s what we do here, right?
ps. i´m Archer Hairline :)

objectsofwhimsy said...

Archer hairline nice type! Ritva!
and absolutely nothing wrong in feeling that way about putting yourself up on the web either.
As we know it takes all sorts to make a world.

Helen :)

barbarabeesblog said...

HI, nice to meet you and a good way to deal the dilemma of not showing a photo of yours onto the net.
I still hope mine are not of any interest of anyone ;)

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen I am with you in this department. Noone really gets to see me for real on line (as much as I can be in control of this). I've had a fun time following the link you gave. What a bit of jolly. I believe that the illustration gives us a view of you so how do you do??? *smiles* Norma
p.s. nice to meet you!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Thanks for popping in to my blog Barbara!

and big hello Norma Im glad you like the illustrated "me". I like this version too maybe I can animate "me" one day when Im in a retirement village and flash animation is antiquated...heehee!