09 June 2012

Drawing Challenge: letters


So far I have the letters o,b,j ....................... it was a coincidence that this weeks theme was "letters" I immediately think of typography and find many letter references in my journals.

This is my favourite type of letter the typographic one.

I hope you enjoy my letters and remember to pop over to the lovely blog of Mano who is hosting this weeks theme for the drawing challenge. Just follow the links to enjoy the other responses to this weeks challenge.



Patrice A. said...

oh, yes
and we all thought of
writing letters

I like yours
make me think of
the aboriginals

Patrice A.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

mhmmm... i love type. these letters look intriguing indeed. also quite like the black and white effect, which never comes easy with me. i just don't think of the possiblities.
b&w adds depth, i find...

do you think it would vanish completely, snail mail? i'm hopeful when i know polaroid film was resurrected, so maybe there's a future still for the written word.

mind, i do wonder, sometimes... i read a lot less than i used to. and sometimes i don't even feel the like for reading is gonna come back to me! and writing long hand. i love it though, when i do...

demie said...

I also thought of letters when I was invited actually!!!
...Then I forgot about it abut it is fun to see what you all came up with!

Your letters are really cute : )

Rachel said...

OH! I love these letters! The pattern within is fantastic , it moves, it gives dimension, it's really fun.
Love your obj!

Stefanie Seltner said...

black and white I like it.
beautiful letters, they remind of old hot-air balloons.
x Stefanie

Tabea Heinicker said...

Ich bin für Buchstaben! Für Handschrift! Schöne Staben hast du da. Was auch immer obj heißt, die Musterung erinnert mich an ein Zirkuszelt ;)

Liebe Grüße . Tabea

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen these letters are whimsical and fun. Just so great. Are you going to do more? Use these in designing a different project you are working on? I like how loose they are. Great work! *smiles* Norma

objectsofwhimsy said...

Norma this is one of the ideas Im working on for my branding.
I just need the letters e,c,t,s to complete it. This is the first drawing so will need some refinement to finish it for use.

Miss Woolf I was thinking of colour but Im a bit taken with the black on white. I really hope snailmail still happens its such a rewarding endeavour.
I feel heartened that we still give birthday cards and dont think that will change so Im sure it will be here at least for the lifetime of the generations who care.

Stefanie you are on the right track I inflated the rounded letters as I wanted a soft pillowy effect. I know just the balloons you are talking about.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Hello Tabea!

I like that it reminds you of a circus tent :)

Patrice there is a relationship to tribal and folk art though the aboriginal art uses dot painting very like Nadine's style which I think is interesting considering her location and less likelihood of influence.
I might do a post midweek on some contemporary aboriginal art if you like :)

mano said...

this is beautiful, dear helen! I love typo and black and white - and I love your letters very much! yes, ha,ha letters and letters... great!
I'll be happy to see aboriginal art! mano

...tatjana... said...

looks like a "doodles" during a phone call ... and i love it! a daydream...

renilde said...

No letter without letters, great energy in these ones, they make me think of patchwork in b/w, they give me a happy feeling and i like the way you photographed them, x

tanïa said...

Beautiful ethno style patterned letters! Wouldn't mind if you send me a letter written in such letters! ;o))

Leena said...

Your typography is simply wonderful, lovely letters! Leena

Carole said...

Helen your letters are so much fun! I love them in b&w.
Yes, please do post again this week! Your photos from different angles adds to the playfulness. Have a great week dear, Helen. xoCarole

céline said...

Love your letters because of the details. Looks like a lot of fun making them.
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
your letters are like correspondence!
They talk to the others and to us. A native feat!


objectsofwhimsy said...

Im glad you all like them Im going to try and finish the rest today.
Thanks for the lovely comments!
Ill be posting about Aboriginal art tomorrow if pop by if you would like a look. It will be some links and words as Aboriginal Art is spiritual and there are certain aspects of the spiritual law that has to be respected. But I promise a very visual and informative journey for you which I think you will like.
Helen :)