15 June 2012

Drawing Challenge :: My favourite object

my grandmothers embroidery cottons/crafts

beachfinds #1

my favourite plate 

Drawing Challenge :: My Favourite Object

A quick theme for us to continue on our challenge journey with looks at us defining our love of objects.

The relationship of man and object is an interesting one because it enters the realm of taste and subjectivity as well as whim (there are connections being made between my blog and this weeks theme I see ;))

If you are like me objects rotate as the coveted favourite. Its not that I dont like them anymore but my taste changes overtime and I can love an object for months and feel less in love for months only to rediscover my love for it yet again.

Some objects I thought I could not live without only to part with it months later by giving it to friends or sending to the opshop for recycling.
There are some objects that I dont particularly love that much but will never part with.


This weeks theme is "My favourite object" in image plus a brief description why (*optional)

We will use the limited timeframe to our advantage and encourage a quick response requirement.

Mission: reminding us to draw, paint, conceptualise and create.

How it works: 

So, are you in?
 The date to publish your drawings will be on the Saturday of each week
A host picks a theme, and posts the challenge on their blog.Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 

A new host is also presented for the following week.

Let me know with a comment below if you are joining us for the challenge and Ill add you to this post with a link to your blog.


So far up for the challlenge we have:

  1. Nadine
  2. Stefanie
  3. Sus
  4. Katharina
  5. Annelie
  6. Tabea
  7. Demie
  8. Ariane
  9. Norma
  10. Tatjana
  11. Celine
  12. Rachel
  13. Mano (enjoy your holidays!)
  14. Renilde

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♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

quick response! wow...
hmmm. i'll muse over the favourite object today, as i'm working on my kitchen floor, okay. most of my favourite objects are packed up, and it's true what you say. i have completely forgotten abut them, and i will most probably hold a car booty by the time i start unwrapping all of those umpteen boxes... for how will my taste for favourites have changed over the course of, erm, two years, i wonder?
i think i might just stipple about the challenge!! ;)))
i'm in.
ps - your plate is gorgeous! at the same time, i couldn't for the life of me eat off it, which would put me in front of the dilemma: beauty without functionality errors me.
crazy, no?

Stefanie Seltner said...

Thanks for the invitation!
We are moving and I have packed already lots of things, not really inspiration around just boxes :)
But I will try I am sure to find at least one thing, so count me in, please!
see you, x Stefanie

susan christensen said...

I'm in, Helen and thanks again for inviting me to the challenge! "See" you all Saturday -sus

Katharina said...

Hi! I´m new to this! I would love to participate, so please, count me in!

annelie said...

Hello, I want to join you in this weeks drawing challenge, I'm new in this blog world and would be very happy if you would count me in. Thank you! :) Annelie

Tabea Heinicker said...

Danke für die Einladung! Bin gern dabei.

Liebe Grüße . Tabea

demie said...

THank yo ufro the invitation! A very interesting theme but I am really not sure I can make it to Saturday...
Count me in though. I'll do my best!

objectsofwhimsy said...

Goodness gracious

I pop out for a drink with my husband and return to a flurry of replies.
So it appears we are on this week! woohoo! It wouldve been a shame to break the run of challenges ;)

Hello to Katharina and Annelie! all you need to do is create an artwork based on the theme topic in this case my fav object.

It can be a drawing, painting, photo anything you like. When you are ready you can pop a comment on my blog that you have posted yours and then you can check everyone elses artwork out to see what they have done and welcome others to check out yours. Its lots of fun!

WellIll see you all sometime on the weekend I think we can have the weekend to do this one Ive been wandering around the house looking at my objects Im not so sure I can narrow it down to just one.....

Ariane Reichardt said...

Good theme!
Thank you dear Helen and... I'm in!

til tomorrow,

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Awesome challenge; count me IN IN IN! *smiles* Norma

...tatjana... said...

very short and quick: i´m in :o)

céline said...

Hi Helen, thank you for the invation and count me in! I'll post something tomorrow, I didn't had to think about it very long... ;-)

Rachel said...

I running a little late, but I'm in! Thanks for finding me.

mano said...

wonderful theme, but tomorrow I'm on holiday!!! :-) mano