06 June 2012

Venus, chocolate and other things....

it almost didnt happened....

we thought this would be it....

a broadcast over the internet

so we waited on the steps that looked like the rings of Saturn

then the clouds parted....

and beautiful Venus showed herself!!!

untitled 1
Helen Bordeaux 2012

untitled 2
Helen Bordeaux 2012

a celebration was in order!

Haighs Dark chocolate almonds and raisons my favs... mmm!

Look who thought they were her favourites!.....bad Tilly!!

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Of course I wasnt influenced by the packaging at all

sketches for artwork

pushing the idea

coffee anyone?

Venus trekking the Sun

Well it almost didn’t happen typical Melba weather of grey clouds threatened to ruin this once in 105 year event and most of the crowd left because their lunch hour was over or they were tired of waiting.
It was the lucky few who persevered who were eventually rewarded when suddenly the clouds parted and goosebumps rose on my skin as I saw venus trekking across the sun not only on the telescope (see pic) but also through special binoculars as a black pea against a fiery sun in all its orangey red glory spectacular!

When I got home I started to see Venus/planet references everywhere...........particularly this artwork.

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The other images are of:
// current projects Im working on
// my student journals which Im revisiting as a guide for a class on idea to concept development
// around my house
// the harmonica I gave my husband for his birthday
// Haighs dark chocolate almonds and raisons my favourites
// Typography on a handmade pot - a match made in heaven

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Please forgive the picture quality taken on iphone and the sky returned to dull grey on my way home.


renilde said...

ahh Venus and chocolates , lovely comparison, and how you got inspired...i love that.
there were too many clouds over Belgium :(

objectsofwhimsy said...

it was beautiful Renilde I hope you loved my foto at least :)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Great images!
dear Helen,
as Renilde means chocolates and Venus, heaven!
Thank you

mano said...

... and many clouds over germany.
now I saw your picture with the beautiful venus transit - great!! and your paintings: I love them!
but: where can I buy chocolate raisons just now?
:-) mano

objectsofwhimsy said...

You must seek out a source Mano ;)

Hello Ariane little dark orbs were everywhere I ate most of them but saved some for the husband who was teaching and didnt get to see the once in a lifetime event.

Carole said...

Dear Helen, lucky you getting to see and celebrate! Love your painting. My kitty will paw at me until I share my chocolate.

susan christensen said...

thick clouds blanketed our view of the event from Southeast Alaska, alas! Thanks so much for posting, Helen, these are the first glimpses I have seen of lovely V passing before the sun. I think I felt it though... -sus

objectsofwhimsy said...

Yes those cats do think they rule the world dont they?
Sus what a shame I would think that Alaska would have given a magnificent vantage point if clear. If it had happened today I would have seen nothing as its thick grey clouds.

Rachel said...

Venus rewarded you for your perseverance with chocolates and inspiration to create some fiery works!
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
I like your sketches, too!

Have a great day,