15 July 2012

Drawing Challenge :: finger painting

finger painting

painted fingers 1

painted fingers 2

paint straight from the tube

blowing in the breeze


iphone painting

Drawing Challenge :: Finger Painting

A revisit to childhood involved a painting apron, brown paper, paints, and fingers!
Then drying paintings hanging from the clothes line blowing in the wind.
I thoroughly enjoyed this even though the skull that appeared before my eyes was a little unsettling but as Im not really a superstitious type found it fascinating just how much it resembled a skull it even has teeth!

I do finger sketching quite frequently on my iphone using a sketch app. I think that this can also be seen as finger painting what do you think?

This was a fun exercise and we can thank our lovely host Carole for the fun! if you would like to see her challenge response and others pop over to her blog and follow the links!

Have a great weekend!




Carole said...

Dear Helen, Wow, the skeleton wasn't planned!!! Cool. The view of your finger painting from below the close line looks like a flap flying at first glance. And yes, your iphone painting counts too! xo Carole

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

a skull appearing! wow, that's symbolism of something, babe.. hee hee. me too i enjoyed the act of doing so much.
i love your painting blowing in the wind, against the blue skies, actually, in good company of {bird?} pegs. the light and shades add another depth!

mano said...

oh, blue sky!! wonderful - in this summer we have so often grey, dark grey sky...
so beautiful your picture blowing in the wind. I love the colours and the skull, it looks a little bit like a totem.
and your iphone picture is so colourful, what an interesting app!
have a nice sunday! :-) mano

susan christensen said...

Wahh! Helen!! These photos are wonderful. I am very interested in the appearance of the skull - love it when stuff just bubbles up in ones work unbidden. xxoo, sus

renilde said...

dear Helen, thinking about childhood, your work and photos of it made me think of a pirate's flag waving in the wind on an imaginary ship siling through the garden :) i love it ! x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
deep in your heart you are a pirate, don't you?
Wonderful image of the flag drying on the clothesline!
Isn't it salient how finger paint what they want instead of brush?
Even on the iphone!
Delicious drawings.

x Ariane.

objects of whimsy said...

I think I was channelling a teenage boy going through a difficult period of adolescence heehee!
I can see this shield/flag on a skateboard.
Thanks for comments I hope you are all enjoying your summers we havent from your posts i can see that you havent been having much of one.

Im off to Adelaide (South Australia) for this coming weekend so I may not be round much.
Have a great week everyone

Helen :)

tanĂ¯a said...

Wow, a skull appeared in your fingerpainting!! That makes me shudder! But I have to say, his expression is really amazing!! Absolutely love him and the colours are great, too! And why do I have such an antique mobile phone? I'd love to play around with this app!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hi again, helen...

i'm happy to invite you to next weekend's drawing challenge {28-29/07}. you may find the theme intriguing. love to count you in!... n♥
drawing challenge

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Helen. Fun and inspiring post. Sometimes we need to remember be children. Cool skeleton in there!
Also enjoyed your feature on John Brack and your thoughts on his work. Excellent.

Rachel said...

Helen, these are incredible! How perfect you managed that skull!
Hope to see you for cross stitch!
Have a great day!


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