29 July 2012

Drawing Challenge :: X stitch

crossstitch I

crossstitch II

x stitch

Drawing Challenge :: Cross Stitch

Better late than never.........or so they say and mine is definitely late!
Ive been a little busy over the Semester break catching up on consultancy work and putting together the curriculum for next semester. I also have to prepare a presentation for my work Professional Development Day which I havent started eek! and there are 2 jobs I really really want to apply for but I need to do an overhaul on my CV and portfolio.
Then there is blog I love blog if I could spend my days here I would Im sure most of you know what I mean ;)

Cross stitch I, II :: pages from my journal from a couple of years ago Im a sucker for patterns!

X stitch :: Typeface - Rosewood my favourite.

This weeks challenge is hosted by our talented Miss Nadine who provides us with some of my favourite drawing challenge topics. If you would like to see her gorgeous x stitch and the other wonderful responses to this challenge just pop over to Nadines blog and follow the links.....Have fun!


Carole said...

Helen, these are lovely patterns. Have you considered doing them on fabric? You sound very busy right now. Oh if life didn't get in the way of blogging! xo Carole

...tatjana... said...

beautiful. looks like a meditative work. and i remember my school days...

Patrice A. said...

lovely patterns
I like to make them
like Tatjana says
meditative work


Stefanie Seltner said...

the red one is strong, very loud and yeah, STITCH!

Lise B said...

Great patterns. They would look good om fabric . I understand you are quite busy. I wish you luck when applying for the dream jobs. Have a nice week !

mano said...

now I'm game for making patterns!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

our ma had a table runner in that red cross stitch... i think i even have it here somewhere, in one or other removal box.

in reply to your question...: first of all, my design did a bit of an akward landing, it was missing in action until i dragged it from under a cupboard.. it hangs from the wall. for now. like i said, too big for the old sketch book. ..

Rosemary said...

Dear Helen - thank you for visiting and sorry to be late on the scene.
I love your interpretation and wish you lots of luck with your CV and applying for the jobs. Blogger is good fun, but can eat in to your time!!!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen as always your visuals are strong, strong, strong. And this time RED. Oh hello these are fabulous. Sending you wishes for a great revamp/renewal of your cv. May the cv gods be with you! HA! *smiles* Norma

susan christensen said...

Well, red is my Favorite Color, so I love the red pattern - like a decent of the heart, floating down gently through the grid. Busy Helen, I love your blog! -sus

Julia da Franca said...

maybe you should do some more patterns right now? just to slow down, meditate a bit and get strong for everything you have to get done at the moment;)
love, julia

Rachel said...

yes! i really like what you did. My initial plan involved graph paper as well.
love the black. love the red.


objects of whimsy said...

some more patterns? sounds very tempting Julia!

Im glad that your lovely artwork finally found itself on the wall where it belongs Miss Woolf :) your Grandmas xstitch sounds lovely especially in red.
I can get fixated on one colour well its the feel of a pen sometimes not the colour.
I love patterns you may have noticed! ;)
Thanks for the lovely comments :)

Carole said...

Hi again Norma. Would you like to join in this week's Drawing Challenge: CROW? Let me know via my blog and I'll put you on the list. xo