04 July 2012

out and about and a nice little find

A little diversion from my usual midweek post. Some pics of me out and about, on a family outing with my little chikadees and an opshop find.
A little sketching I did this afternoon and some much needed afternoon sun which created some playful shadows I couldnt resist snapping.
Speaking of snapping I have a new picture blog miss snap happy it is a photography blog little photo essays and no words (can you believe it??)

Im up late watching the tour de france....Ill pay for it tomorrow but I love travelling through the country via the tour de france. I cant resist!

Have a good week friends and I ll see you on the weekend for the challenge.

Helen x


Werribee Mansion

Ford copper Burra small dish

miss snap happy (my new blog)

A reminder our lovely Rachel is our host for this weeks drawing challenge.


susan christensen said...

Hi, Helen - I think you had a wonderful day with your chickadees in the SUN! Who has the challenge this week?? xxoo, sus

objects of whimsy said...

it might be you sus?
any ideas for a theme?? Let Ariane know if its going to be you.

Helen :)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Mmmmh, I like the pics of the shadowplay with low sun.
Delicious, dear Helen!

I've seen a red haired girl... a tone like my oldest daughter. Its special, isn't it?
Sweet kids.

And I even like your pots drawed with your 'other' hand. The fine details... wow, well done!


Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, I forgot,
dear Rachel is our host this weekend.
She is based in L.A. so you'll hear the theme tomorrow.


objects of whimsy said...

goodo Ariane!

yes those redhead girls are a bit special my daughter is one and another niece besides this one with the colour as well.

See you on the weekend

Helen x

Carole said...

So I'm scrolling down through your photos ohhhing and awwwing along the way and then I come to those sweet little fingers which reminded me of the old days when my girls were little. Thanks for the memories, dear Helen! Our new grand baby has reddish hair!

Tabea Heinicker said...

He, toll, du hast auch ein Kreidebild im Post ;)

Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar!

Liebe Grüße . Tabea

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

whoa, yeah!
you're a european woman, really, aren't you? tour de france indeed.
i was gonna say, i see forever blogs growing to your name! must check it all out, helen.
the shadow pics are gorgeously-to-die-for, and the burra...
i once had a dream of buri-buri.
does that ring a bell at all, down under? buri-buri, i mean. the name?
later, helen.
are you up in your tree house yet?