26 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Circus: up in the air!

Drawing Challenge :: Up in the air.....

Well there she is the high flyer related to our acrobat of a previous challenge........... she comes from a long line of Trapeze Artists (The Flying Press Studs) and spent most of her childhood swinging from trees..............I hope you like her she doesnt have a name yet any suggestions would be welcome.

The pictures are from a book I have on Circuses from around the world.

This was really a lot of fun Im kinda liking these funny little rounded paper characters I may have to do more. If you would like to enjoy more Carnivale/Circus themed artwork just follow the links on my previous post!!!

Thanks for playing along I hope you had fun too.

Helen x


22 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Carnivale/Circus

Drawing Challenge :: Rollup!! Rollup!!

Yes I am the host of this weeks drawing challenge Carnivale/Circus I cant wait to see what you all come up with.
So if you would like to join me for the challenge just leave a comment below and Ill add you to the list.

Have great week!

Helen x

Joining me for the challenge so far is:


How it works: 
 The date to publish your drawings will be on the Saturday of each week
A host picks a theme, and posts the challenge on their blog.Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 

A new host is also presented for the following week.


So we have a few players this week which is great and Im sure that the others who cant participate in the challenge will still enjoy viewing and commenting when they get time.

Those participating let me know when you have posted.
I wont post till tomorrow because we have a beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne and after so much grey, rain, hail, wind and snow I am going to spend some time outdoors catching the rays, warmth, blue and gold.

If you would like to see my post its here! or just click on the objectsofwhimsy header at the top of the page.

Have a wonderful day
Helen x

19 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Playing Cards

The King of Hearts


The Queen of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts



The King, The Queen and The Jack.

This weeks challenge theme of playing cards is hosted by the lovely and very clever Ariane.
I was very enthusiastic about this weeks challenge but when I came to settling on an idea I found it difficult in the end I couldnt get these 3 images out of my head and the reference to Elvis QEII and Jack Nicholson.

Thanks to Ariane for the great challenge and if you wish to see the other responses to it you can visit Arianes blog and follow the links.

I hope you enjoy my playing cards I will be back to posting midweek this week as the husband is much better and needs less care.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Helen x

16 August 2012

Letter from Ingrid and The Sapphires

The Sapphires (Hopscotch Films)

**eyesnacks** :: Letter to Ingrid

Dear Ingrid,

your lovely artwork arrived in the post today.
After a week of being Nurse to my husband (Im so glad Im not a Nurse in real life such hard work) it was so lovely to open the mailbox and instead of bills or statements (thats just about all we receive by mail these days) to find your envelope.
It was a bright spot in my week and I really love it and feel more than a bit special.

Many Thanks
Helen x



The Sapphires

My Mum came to stay with me to help look after my Husband I took her to see this movie as a thankyou treat. The film was fabulous the wardrobe and setting great visually and the singing fantastic. It went to Cannes this year and received a standing ovation.

Jessica Mauboy is a wonderful Australian talent.

The movie trailer

Jessica Mauboy

08 August 2012

This and that

my fav pic of Hughes

Robert Studley Forrest HughesAO (28 July 1938 – 6 August 2012)
Writer, Painter, Art Critic, Caroonist, Historian, DocumentryMaker, Intillectual, Critical Thinker

Google hurdles game

Getting into the olympic spirit the hurdle game


Recent Endeavours with ink finding comfort and solitude!


I may not be able to participate in too much blog activity this weekend my other half is having an ear operation on Friday so I shall be Florence Nightingale for a few days!

Ill try to pop round to your blogs if I get time but if I dont Ill see you all next week!!!

Hope you are enjoying your week so far my friends.

Helen x

05 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: CROW

Ravens also called crows

Bride walking in creek I Arthur Boyd 1957


Drawing Challenge :: CROW
Well teaching recommences this week and its almost criminal how much work I still have to do before Im ready. I have spent the last 3 weeks putting together course work, grading students and buckets of documentation for records (my least favourite job!).

So in the small window of time that I have found for the challenge it had to be swift and effective those were my objectives.

I love crows but I hate saying out loud "I love crows" because in aussierules footy this is the  mascot and name (Adelaide Crows) of the team in the competition that my team Port Adelaide Power despise.

Crows or Ravens

In Melbourne Victoria where I live we have Ravens not crows they are quite big and very noisy. They have a very funny walk and I love their character and think I would love one as a pet.

Arthur Boyd

is an Artist I have admired for a very long time. He painted a series of paintings called the bride series, depicting aboriginal women dressed in bridal gowns for the white men. Boyd was appalled by the conditions and plight of the australian aborigine. A crow/raven features in most of them.

I was born a croweater

A croweater is a (non-derogatory) nickname for an inhabitant of the state of South Australia (Australia).
The term derives from the fact that South Australians ate crows due to poverty when the free-settled colony of South Australia was established in 1836.

This was a fabulous challenge hosted by the lovely and talented Carole. Please pop over to Caroles blog and follow the links to see other responses to the challenge.

Have a good week

Helen x

PS: I had embeded some amazing crow clips but blogger didnt seem to like them so had to remove them if you would like to watch them I have linked to them here and here.

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