22 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Carnivale/Circus

Drawing Challenge :: Rollup!! Rollup!!

Yes I am the host of this weeks drawing challenge Carnivale/Circus I cant wait to see what you all come up with.
So if you would like to join me for the challenge just leave a comment below and Ill add you to the list.

Have great week!

Helen x

Joining me for the challenge so far is:


How it works: 
 The date to publish your drawings will be on the Saturday of each week
A host picks a theme, and posts the challenge on their blog.Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 

A new host is also presented for the following week.


So we have a few players this week which is great and Im sure that the others who cant participate in the challenge will still enjoy viewing and commenting when they get time.

Those participating let me know when you have posted.
I wont post till tomorrow because we have a beautiful sunny day here in Melbourne and after so much grey, rain, hail, wind and snow I am going to spend some time outdoors catching the rays, warmth, blue and gold.

If you would like to see my post its here! or just click on the objectsofwhimsy header at the top of the page.

Have a wonderful day
Helen x


Ariane Reichardt said...

IN :)

x Ariane

renilde said...

Me too please, x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

of course, helen.
what a theme...

Carole said...

me too! Clowns scare me though!

objects of whimsy said...

its called coulrophobia Carole the fear of clowns... you can stay away from those for this challenge

Patrice A. said...

grand theme!!
but, no
not in this time

susan christensen said...

Yes, please! Count me in for the Circus. -sus

mano said...

sorry, dear helen - I've to much to do this week and weekend! next time!

Rachel said...

i'll have something ready!


sarapirat said...

great circus shots! love the line up of leotard wearing artists.

...tatjana... said...

thank you so much for your words on my blog and thank you for the invitation. we´ve a big birthday at this weekend and so i´ll not have enough time for me. but i´ll visit your circus.

have a wonderfull weekend!

Chloe Grice said...

Lovely images! Circuses are so thrilling, makes me wish i could go see one right now! Will come and check out the blogs but won't be doing my own this time, sorry!

Check out Giffords Circus, one of the best I've seen x

(boo to captcha - i hate these things!!)

Stefanie Seltner said...

Hello, I am in, too!!!
Did I forget to sign in?!?
ThanX, Stefanie

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

I've posted! And now I am off to see everybody's work. I need to make a cup of tea first, and something sweet to munch on. See you all later...hugs, Norma, xo

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Dear Helen,
is it too late to sign in? I posted too...I am not sure if you received my comment yesterday.

objects of whimsy said...

Hi Sabine
no its not too late. Ill add you in to the list.

H x

susan christensen said...

oops! I had an internet melt down, and did not let you know I have posted my circus drawing! love, sus