26 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Circus: up in the air!

Drawing Challenge :: Up in the air.....

Well there she is the high flyer related to our acrobat of a previous challenge........... she comes from a long line of Trapeze Artists (The Flying Press Studs) and spent most of her childhood swinging from trees..............I hope you like her she doesnt have a name yet any suggestions would be welcome.

The pictures are from a book I have on Circuses from around the world.

This was really a lot of fun Im kinda liking these funny little rounded paper characters I may have to do more. If you would like to enjoy more Carnivale/Circus themed artwork just follow the links on my previous post!!!

Thanks for playing along I hope you had fun too.

Helen x



♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

wow. just right, helen.
and she likes her fling, don't she?
i like our artiste to have a fuller figure like she has and her costume is gorgeous), it makes her more real, and sexier. she may experiencing a little tremble when somersaulting through the air, but it will sure be a magical, visual thing! and i see it!
i've enjoyed this, cheers!

Stefanie Seltner said...

She is great!
Flying and jumping very charming and what a body!!
x Stefanie

renilde said...

your flying lady is adorable Helen, also the way you placed her on that pencil drawing, making her even more come alive, great face expression, and she looks like an 'Irma' to me :)

thanks for a great theme Helen, x

Patrice A. said...

I love the 3D
the pencil drawings works fantastic!
and your lady is great
as the previous one was
so sorry
I didn't join....

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

J'adore or Dora for short. Yes I do adore your lovely rounded lovely. You would be a brilliant flat paper doll artist designer. I owned a Yahoo group for two years (along with my daughter) where we traded paper dolls monthly. So I've seen a paper doll or two...and made them to swap. Your doll is precious and priceless. I can't say enough how I adore her. Nice nice job Helen. I do hope you make more. This dc theme was so much fun and thanks so much for allowing us to have such a great time. *hugs* Norma, xo

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

P.S. I just noticed what you used for fastening the joints. Brilliant! N. xo

objects of whimsy said...

Hmmmm 'Irma Dora' has a nice ring to it doesnt it? The Irma is just right Renilde

Yes her somersaults in the air amazing to see Nadine The only trembling is the audience beneath her.

Patrice not to worry you can have a go at the theme some other time :)

That sounds like my kind of group Norma Ill have to check them out.

I have an order from my 5 year old niece for a circus girl standing on her hands. Her order is very explicit particularly what she has to wear.

Have a wonderful week everyone

Helen x

Carole said...

Hi Helen, I love her and would enjoy watching her flying through the air with that flouncy top piece! Very clever work! Thanks for the fun theme. xo Carole

Sue Hutchen-Lay said...

What a fabulous idea, I love your paper doll. I'm sorry I missed your fun theme this week.

mano said...

this beautiful lady looks like "marianne"...
I love her! :-)mano

susan christensen said...

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease, Helen. I love her confidence! - sus

objects of whimsy said...

Im wondering what she would look like dropping onto the net below rather hilarious methinks!
Sus and Patrice you could still do something for the theme when you get time and post anyway.

PS Irma Dora has a sister shes not ready yet......

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
yes, I like your zaftig Trapeze Artist! 'Flying Irma'... makes me smile, soft and pleased like her.

Thank you for this wonderful theme!

x Ariane.

objects of whimsy said...

Hi Ariane

Ive fixed the link to your challenge post just now.
I have put a link to yours as well Sus which I somehow missed till now.

Have a great week everyone

Helen X