05 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: CROW

Ravens also called crows

Bride walking in creek I Arthur Boyd 1957


Drawing Challenge :: CROW
Well teaching recommences this week and its almost criminal how much work I still have to do before Im ready. I have spent the last 3 weeks putting together course work, grading students and buckets of documentation for records (my least favourite job!).

So in the small window of time that I have found for the challenge it had to be swift and effective those were my objectives.

I love crows but I hate saying out loud "I love crows" because in aussierules footy this is the  mascot and name (Adelaide Crows) of the team in the competition that my team Port Adelaide Power despise.

Crows or Ravens

In Melbourne Victoria where I live we have Ravens not crows they are quite big and very noisy. They have a very funny walk and I love their character and think I would love one as a pet.

Arthur Boyd

is an Artist I have admired for a very long time. He painted a series of paintings called the bride series, depicting aboriginal women dressed in bridal gowns for the white men. Boyd was appalled by the conditions and plight of the australian aborigine. A crow/raven features in most of them.

I was born a croweater

A croweater is a (non-derogatory) nickname for an inhabitant of the state of South Australia (Australia).
The term derives from the fact that South Australians ate crows due to poverty when the free-settled colony of South Australia was established in 1836.

This was a fabulous challenge hosted by the lovely and talented Carole. Please pop over to Caroles blog and follow the links to see other responses to the challenge.

Have a good week

Helen x

PS: I had embeded some amazing crow clips but blogger didnt seem to like them so had to remove them if you would like to watch them I have linked to them here and here.

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♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

so very dramatic, your crow walk, really carried also by the sharp black and white feature/shadows. i would love to walk crow walk with you!
good luck with all you've got on!

...tatjana... said...

wonderful quick painting. and the shadows in the background give a mystical atmosphere.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
your Crow is beautiful! Love the stroke of the brush even in the letters and the drops of paint runnning down.
And, the shadow of leaves of a tree (pretty!) reminds me of sign boards here when toads walks: 'Achtung, Krötenwanderung' (Attention, toad migration!)

You in the South ate Crows during poverty? We in the North ate Swans...

x Ariane.

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear Helen, I really like your crow sketch, its sponaneous and powerful and like you I really love how they walk, it is so funny.
Ravens are often companions of dark powers and vampires - I have to think about that when I look at the Boyd painting.

Lise B said...

Did they really eat crows? And why not? There is a lot of tabu around, of what can be eaten or not. Hehe, you are right, crows can have a funny walk. Your crow photo is great, as are your painted one. I wish you luck with your classes. The Boyd painting is very strong.


renilde said...

dear Helen, very beautiful picture you've made of your crow walk

the three pictures so beautiful together, the black and blue and shadows, the intriguing work of Arthur Boyd and the clips, this visit, again was a treat, thanks x

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen what a completely interesting post. Arthur Boyd. Wow! I will be visiting his work that is for sure. The bride painting is so powerful. Just strong. That bird against the white of the bride. Wow. And the whole idea of the bride walking in the water. Gosh.
I like the freedom of your brush stroke in your quick study.
When I read about the crow-eaters...the necessary eating of crows...I thought of the nursery rhyme about the four and twenty black birds baked in a pie, and of the many illustrations of that rhyme. It is endlessly admirable what man (woman) kind has done to survive in this world. It leaves me speechless in admiration. *smiles* Norma

objects of whimsy said...

I guess when we are desperate we will essentially eat anything ;)
Thanks for the lovely comments first week of teaching is always busy busy busy working till late.

Helen x

Carole said...

I guess my comment vanished. Or did were they on your other post? Oh well!

The crows on the wires remind me of Hitchcock's movie The Brids. That movie freaked me out as a teenager.

Arthur Boyds painting is amazing.

You've captured the crow's spying down on us! They have such a funny walk....sort of cocky yet sort of dorky! :)

objects of whimsy said...

Im not sure what happened Carole as I have your comment in my gmail account. Ive been having some issues with my blogger account using google chrome. When I gets some time Ill look into it.

Helen :)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Helen. I like your drawing, very bold. I find it interesting the cultural variations in meaning that have to do with some animal like the crow. Thanks for your discussion on the crow/raven.
best, nadia