19 August 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Playing Cards

The King of Hearts


The Queen of Hearts

The Jack of Hearts



The King, The Queen and The Jack.

This weeks challenge theme of playing cards is hosted by the lovely and very clever Ariane.
I was very enthusiastic about this weeks challenge but when I came to settling on an idea I found it difficult in the end I couldnt get these 3 images out of my head and the reference to Elvis QEII and Jack Nicholson.

Thanks to Ariane for the great challenge and if you wish to see the other responses to it you can visit Arianes blog and follow the links.

I hope you enjoy my playing cards I will be back to posting midweek this week as the husband is much better and needs less care.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Helen x


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

woman! i love this trio. together in a frame, right? what an interesting trend! i can imagine, once inside your head, there's no shaking them ...
ha! jack... so young still...

... you find playing cards on the street every so often? how d'you do that, huh? ;))) they are wonderous gifts though, scraps, etc found.

last but not least, my sweet! you are so gentle, asking me about my ways here in the house. i'm down to the skirting boards {which proofs to be another nightmare}, but have failed to perform recently due to extreme hot weather: not my cuppa... if it's not one thing, right? i'll definitely not do this show again, ever. {i know, don't ever say never...}. but we're fine, and we're getting somewhere.
off thrifting this morning, before the day's heat slashes me down into inertia complete.

sarapirat said...

hey there,
thank you for your comment,
these are really cool i especially like jack!
have a sweet day, even though it is cold!

susan christensen said...

Helen, so glad your Husband is on the mend! These cards are so well designed, and very clever. Jack was the best surprise! xxoo, sus

mano said...

what a great idea! your three cards are wonderful references - I laughed a little bit about "jack of the hearts", very funny! and sus said it: very well designed!
wish you and your husband a good week!
:-) mano

Anonymous said...

these are beautifully designed
straight, clear
just like I love it
such a grand idea
and with humour too
jack of hearts, the best!

I don't know about your husband
but best wishes to you both

with love

Patrice A. said...

that was me

barbarabeesblog said...

These are phantastic, I like the reduced style and colours and how you put it together, they are wonderful and you can't see the struggle behind them dealing with the theme. Love them.
Good to here that your husband is going better!
Barbara1 setsap

Stefanie Seltner said...

the king - yes! he is one of my heros.
Great cards with lots of humor, very elegant!
x Stefanie and all the best for your husband

Sue Hutchen-Lay said...

I love visual puns and these are terrific!

Carole said...

Helen....you are a clever girl! Such stylish face cards you've designed that I would love to have in my card drawer.
Glad to hear you husband is mending.
xo Carole

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks for the lovely comments I must admit it was fun getting the ol photoshop skills out and dusting them off for this challenge.
I was going to print them out but ran out of ink!

Jack is my favourite too!
Have a great week everyone

Helen x

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, Helen, dear Helen,
I guffawed at JACK, what a position of him and heart... !
Even Elvis and QEII are beautiful and surprising. I like the clear style very much.
Thank you!

x Ariane.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, YOU are our next host with CARNIVALE/CIRCUS!
Wonderful, thanks.

I'm in (will post maybe later... you know)

All the best for your hubby.

x Ariane

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

First of all...Helen, what great news to know that your husband is on the mend. I am thinking of you!!! I love these images and the idea of the whole project. Each icon is so suitable for the suit. That is a play on words and I apologize for the corniness of it. I'm leaving it as is. Shrug! Love this contribution to this fun challenge...and I've got my thinking cap on for the carnivale. N. xo

renilde said...

Helen these are really stylish cards, perfect lay-out and colour scheme, to create something looking simple at the first glance and than noticing how very well put into exactly the right place everything is, is pure pleasure, bravo!!

objects of whimsy said...

thanks again for the lovely comments I am always interested in your opinions and value what you have to say.

Im posting tomorrow for the challenge hope to see you all there!

Helen :)

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Dear Helen,
what great cards!
I love the simple red, black and white color theme - perfect graphic design