09 September 2012

Drawing Challenge :: SWIM

having fun in the water

wondering if there is time for one last swim before we go

swimming with my cousin wearing my brothers floaties

summer camping by the river Dad getting the raft ready

Drawing Challenge :: SWIM

Swimming has been a huge part of my life it has dominated the summer seasons from when I was small to now. I love to swim being Piscean is not just a coincidence I have a real affinity to fish and water. If I hear that someone is attacked by a shark I worry for the shark!

I love to float and sleep in water (it can be done) I love to swim laps for fitness (the only exercise that I dont get bored with) I like to float on top of water and sink to the bottom of it.

I love to snorkel and listen to the noise of people interacting with water at the pool or the almighty roar of waves crashing on beaches.

I was my happiest as a child when swimming.

During the school holidays Mum would take us kids to the pool we would stay all day having lunch and tea at the local swimming pool. We would meet up with our friends and practice diving and seeing who could swim the furthermost with one breath and how many somersaults we could turn in one go.
We would hate waiting 20 mins after eating lunch before we could go back in the water asking my Mum over and over what time it was.

We used to lay on the hot concrete in the sun to warm up after hours in the pool or sit with towels around us eating icy poles or redskin lollies. We were told often not to run on the concrete around the pool and adopted a strange sort of fast walking/hopping way of quickly getting back into line for the diving board. We would laugh and tease the boys who were made to sit on the timeout bench for dive bombing off the springboard.

Even during summer term the school buses would ferry us kids to the pool for swimming training. We would swim laps from 4-6pm each week night then have local meets on the weekend.

Australian culture revolves around water every off the beaten track backwater remote town had a swimming pool no wonder we grew a nation of swimmers I think it was inevitable. Its as popular now as it was when I was a kid.

Rachel is our lovely host this week and you can visit her lovely blog to find other 'swimmers' to follow.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends.

Helen  x

PS:  Im the one in the mad floral bathers I loved those bathers and wore them till they were paper thin with no elastic.
PPS: My record is across the olympic sized swimming pool and back again with one breath and 4 backwards somersaults continuously.



♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i simply love the photos your offer us from time to time, the polaroid style colours of your youth with your family. it's such a privilege for the viewer!

i don't think i have heard such a whimsical word as redskin lollie, lately. so dreamy.

your records sound just swell. you've made your passion a little more tangible here. wonderful, helen!

Sarah said...

What a heavenly trip down memory lane - your childhood summers sound just like mine helen, although there was more of a saltwater influence for me :) I can't remember learning to swim, it just seems like i always could although that can't be right... thanks for popping over to my (dormant) blog. I'm still living life, just not publishing. too busy for now i think...

objects of whimsy said...

The images are from slide film Nads and you get those gorgeous kodachrome colours and the frame.
Glad you like :)

lovely to hear you are well feel free at least to pop in and visit here anytime. your more than welcome. Blogs are a bit like that sometimes you just have to let them lie dormant for awhile.

Have a great week

Helen x

objects of whimsy said...

PS: oooh redskin lollies pink sticks wrapped in red wax paper with a twist at each end. Sweet slightly sherberty taste mmmmm I want one now!

Patrice A. said...

I LOVE those images!
and I think I have more or less
the same memories
all summer long in the pool
or on the grass around it
until we were 12
my brother is Aquarius
and still swims every day
and plays underwater hockey!
maybe I should go swimming again

renilde said...

there is so much happiness in your words, you must be the real mermaid among us :) and yes those photos,the mood, the colours,
you are living faraway but this is so recognizable, the waiting after eating lunch, the wet concrete, the ice poles,
i didn't like it when it got too crowded and slightly panicked returning from the pool and not finding our spot, maybe that's why today i still don't like big crowds,
lovely post Helen, have a nice day, x

mano said...

wonderful reminiscences with lovely pictures! in my youth I was a member of a swimming club and I love to swim. today I hate chlor and there is no lake, no sea near by. It's a pity!
wish you more beautiful swimming moments! :-) mano

Carole said...

Thank you Helen for such a lovely time with you! I too love all your photos and your memories. Your floral bathing suit is adorable.....no wonder you loved it! Your dad's is pretty spiffy too!
Have a great week.....swimming I hope! xo Carole

susan christensen said...

Helen, I love this post, which brings back so many pool side childhood memories for me. My little brother and I rode our bikes to the community swimming pool every afternoon in summer. Our special treat was a candy bar called a 7-Up, which was like a box of chocolates in candy bar form. best wishes for the week ahead from your fellow Pisces, sus

Ariane Reichardt said...

I am really surprised and impressed,
dear Helen!
Love your old photos and your words... and that little PPS in the end makes me breathless... stunning!


objects of whimsy said...

Such lovely comments!
Im so glad you enjoyed my post. It was a great theme Rachel many thanks. I loved the fact that despite our distance and cultural diversity that there is examples of common ground that we all share.

Thanks for dropping by

Helen x

PS: Im not sure that I can still achieve my record but summer is around the corner and awhen the pool beckons I might just give it a go.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

What an enjoyable post Helen! Yes, this brought back my own memories of childhood swimming. I completely forgot about the laying on the warm concrete. The shivering.The goosebumps. I was always amazed at how big they can be. I swam a lot. In pools, chlorinated and outdoor pools filled with sea water [Stanley Park in Vancouver] and lakes and rivers. I don't know why I did not drown because I did all of that 'dog paddling' as I never knew how to swim. Then at age 24 or so, I decided to take real lessons and now I at least know the basics of it. I admire the swimmers of the world -- yourself included!! *smiles* Norma