16 September 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Web

Drawing Challenge :: WEB

Where do these challenges take us? The possibilities seem endless. Two sayings came to mind oh the tangled web we weave and come in to my parlour said the spider to the fly.

Here we have it a spider casts a web and hopes with all his might that a juicy fat fly lands on his sticky web.
One lands and then the spider has to wait and hope that the wiley fly moves closer closer into the web and is caught.
The spider tries to deceive the fly into thinking he is friendly "Welcome!" he says.
The fly is not so stupid as to trust the spider.
What becomes of the fly? only the spider knows we can only just suppose.

If you would like to see more tangled webs just pop over to Renildes blog and follow the links!

Have a great weekend!

H x


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

cute, and horrific. urghhh.. this has just not been my thing, you know... that's why, i guess, i threw in a different perspective.

funnily enough, just this weekend, i started an old murdoch. would you believe one of the reviews reads, the spider spins its web, and iris murdoch does the same.
and indeedo! the protagonist collects spiders. a bit of a challenge, luckily with murdoch, plenty of other fish to fry... ;)))
have a good'un.

objects of whimsy said...

yes I too find it hard to do the spider thing I tried to make him cute but I agree there is still something about the whole spidey cob thing.
hmm the spider spins its web....another vision might have to add it to this. Collects spiders hey now thats interesting.

renilde said...

as you wrote Helen, yes it's always beautiful to see everyone's different approach to this dc's,

spiders and their behaviour do speak to our imagination, weaving a web, waiting for a prey,etc but it are mice and dead flies that give me the creeps not spiders,

what strikes me again in your work here is how clever you combine forms, clean lines and also text, you are really very good at doing so, making it look so easy,(your fly is great)

thanks for participating x

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen, I admire your vision...I mean the strong, strong graphic view that you can take when you want. Your work is always strong visually. Gosh I admire that talent. This art work is so clean. Just super! Talk soon, Norma, xo

demie said...

Cute ( and of course scary...)
Cool work!

barbarabeesblog said...

I like your approach to the theme and its so true what you've written about the spiders life. Cute spider and a phantastic fly like how it looks so mean!
xo Barbara

Patrice A. said...

I love the differences
in the approach
and had to laugh
about yours

Patrice A.

and still see you in your
flowery swimsuit
maybe I will go for a swim

objects of whimsy said...

Hello hello always brings a smile to my face when I pop into my blog to see all the visitors who have popped in for a squizz and a natter.

That spider is trying his darndest to be beguiling enticing mr fly further into the web.

So many webs of different kinds were spun on the weekend was great to see.

Patrice since there were 5 of us kids we would wait for Mum to be distracted with getting all of our stuff together then we would sneak back into the pool and swim into the middle and pretend we couldnt hear her shouting them of course one of the other kids would have to swim out to fetch the absconder and that would be done very slowly. It used to take my Mum sooooooo long to actually leave the pool I think we did her head in heh heh heh.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.


Lise B said...

oh, how I like your pictures, nice and cruel at the same time!

Julia da Franca said...

i'm totally in love with that spider smile!!! great! xx julia

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hi helen

here i am again,
i'm on the prowl for talent to play.
i hope you'll find the time and urge,
and be very welcome any which way.
next weekend's drawing challenge!
and enjoy your weekend already!