06 September 2012

Touching base...and other things

 Its been a hectic and a little unsettling time for me of late.
There has been:
Job uncertainty due to huge cuts in Government spending on Education.
My footy team not finishing well on the ladder.
Having to balance consultancy work with teaching.
Having way to many things that I want to do for myself that always seem to go on the backburner.

But despite all the uncertainty and frustrations there is still life to be enjoyed and some standout moments for me this week have been:

Paralympian 2012: Ahmed Kelly

Watching the ever amazing paralymics whose athletes ground me and help me see that life is to be had.
For each Paralymics I always have a favourite athlete and this time it is Ahmed Kelly he is an absolute inspiration for life itself.
His has been the most amazing journey through adversity. I feel humbled and a little in awestruck when I read his story. Im an absolute fan now. GO AHMED!!!!

Ahmed is on twitter if you would like to follow him!

Deciding whether I can blow the budget and attend Semipermanent 2012.

Digital Sketching I like that I can do it from the phone particularly when attending boring meetings (oops! did I say that).

I hope you are all having a wonderful week - we have sunshine woohoo! however that has been mixed with bouts of 140km winds nots so woohoo!

Im hoping to take some time to pop by yours over the weekend to say a hello and to see what you all have been up to so see you soon fellow Bloggies.

H x


Patrice A. said...

hello Helen
I keep looking at his smile
and yes
life is as it is
and it's our way of looking at it
what makes the difference

hang in there
take care
and see ya!

Patrice A.

you left a comment for the give-away
I have seen it and read it
but somehow it's gone now
but I have put your name on my list

barbarabeesblog said...

Yes, Life can be hard and overwhelming sometimes and it needs power to still seeing all the positive aspects. For this I bought
Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy von Sarah Ban Breathnach which hopefully arrives today.
Take care Barbara

renilde said...

dear Helen, i have been watching the paralympics too, there's a young woman taking part who lives here nearby in my town of birth, she is in a wheelchair due to a disease that's still progressing and she knows that she will only get worse in the future, but her determination, her positive attitude oh boy we can only get quite and learn from that.
She, Marieke Vervoort, won a silver medal in London last week.

wishing you well and some time to do things for yourself, i love that digital cat drawing, x

susan christensen said...

Hi, Helen - Good inspiration for this day of hectic busy-ness I am heading into. The drawings you show here are fascinating. I would like to know more about how you do them. Best wishes, sus

mano said...

dear helen,
ahmed has a wonderful smile! and yes - he can be a good role model for all people!
your drawings are very interesting, I most like the first one. It' really a good pastime for boring meetings...
I wish you a relaxed weekend!
:-) mano

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks Patrice I think the network security at work stops the comments being posted.

the book sounds interesting Barb ill see if its in ebook format.

Renilde Marieke is amazing and she is having a cracker of games her face when she won the gold medal was priceless.

Sus I knew someone would ask what I used and I would have to confess I cant remember I was mucking around on my brothers ipad awhile back I found the images when I was looking for the circus pics I was going to use the circus one for my post.

The sketch programs I do use on my iphone are isketch and mybrush. Really great and lots of fun.

Thanks Mano I think the first one is my fav too.

Thanks for the lovely comments see you on the weekend

H x

Carole said...

Hugs and more hugs to you, Helen.
I can't choose a favourite of your drawings but I really love the addition of colour to the bottom one.
Have a great week!

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks Carole :)