28 October 2012

drawing challenge :: Ghosts


Here are the ghosts!!!!
Ghosts have not featured much in my life we do not celebrate Halloween in Australia so there were no ghosts growing up.
Ghosts were a part of one of favourite video games pacman. There were 4 ghosts Blinky (red) inky(blue) Pinky (pink) and Clyde (orange).

Big thanks to Norma for her ghostly challenge
Have a wonderful week



26 October 2012

My Week

a detail from my journal

yay! it finally arrived.

crustless fish pie

love the pattern

Im a little obsessed with shadow pictures!

great coffee and great book!

Some moments throughout my week via instagram. I hope you enjoy!

See you on weekend 
Helen x


21 October 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Leaf/Leaves



Drawing Challenge :: Leaf/Leaves

Our drawing challenge this week is all about leaves very timely for me since Spring has sprung and suddenly we have lush foliage everywhere in my leafy suburb of Hawthorn.
The Collage artwork above was a student assignment that I did I forgot how much I liked working on it. The meditative approach contemplating each position of each element.
The second response is usong the large ivy leaves from my garden to create the word leaf and then putting them back into the garden I might need to reshape some more whilst they are on the vine. The husband will thing Im mad but hey whats new!
Miss Herzfrisch  is our wonderful host and you can visit her blog here to find more links to leaf inspired artworks.


Helen x


17 October 2012

epiphany :: tumblr :: twitter :: instagram :: pinterest

It just happened I dont know how but suddenly Im "into" social media. I cant stand facebook I refuse to go that far but Ive finally seen the value of some of the other methods of sharing on the web.
Im not so sure that twitter will take off with me but hey I didnt think pinterest would either and I have to admit I love it.
Im getting the feeling though that its instagram that is going to take my fancy Im already checking out the help forums (I only do this if Im really really interested!).
So expect some instagram posts from now on I really like the ease in which one can share randomness. I popped links over in the righthand area of the blog if you are also into that sort of thing if not I quite understand I wasnt either for a long time.

Have a great week!

Helen :)


13 October 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Driftwood & Wisdom

drift 1

drift 2

driftwood cosies

Hi All!

I ve been a bit sporadic with blogging these last 3 weeks I had some health issues (as if I havent had enough already this year!)
No panic its nothing major it seems that after all this time my wisdom teeth felt they needed to make themselves known and therefore have been carrying on like pork chops (my favorite Australian colloquialism!) and have been removed for their bad behavior.

I will be in and out of blog life for the next few days while I recuperate.

I found these driftwood images in my blog from past posts that I thought were just right for the challenge. These assemblages were made when I was home in Tasmania. I find a lot of things on my beach walks that I collect and take home and then assemble in groupings very Rosalie inspired stuff. One day I knitted cosies for my driftwood sticks I love them the mix of wool and smooth white wood.

I hope you and your families are well.

Helen x

05 October 2012

Blogs are like Holidays

Hello Im finally here!

My blog is like a holiday .....  my posts are like packing a suitcase with all that Ill need for my holiday.

I have to find the time in my busy schedule for blog visits or book my blogland holidays in order to get away from the everyday humdrum so I can relax within my "holiday house" like blog.

This visit has been an epic journey its taken me ages to pack my suitcase and now Ive finally arrived and can relax.
I opened the door to find the post from my last visit lying faded and a little neglected on the kitchen table and I asked myself  "has it really been that long since I was here last?"

So Ill have to tidy up a bit make the blog house all nice, read through my mail, pop into the neighboring blogs to say Hellew! and invite them over for afternoon tea.

Then I can relax and contemplate some drawing challenges or perhaps some redecorating of the blog house look and feel or just enjoy a nice wander through the blogs that I love to spend time in.

I hope you are all finding time for blog holidays too!

Helen x


Pictures: My holiday house in Tasmania we will be there for christmas this year woohoo!.