28 October 2012

drawing challenge :: Ghosts


Here are the ghosts!!!!
Ghosts have not featured much in my life we do not celebrate Halloween in Australia so there were no ghosts growing up.
Ghosts were a part of one of favourite video games pacman. There were 4 ghosts Blinky (red) inky(blue) Pinky (pink) and Clyde (orange).

Big thanks to Norma for her ghostly challenge
Have a wonderful week




♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

neither did we play with ghosts, in our childhoods. well, i'm sure we recreated some characters from some comics, but it wasn't exploited like nowadays and hallowe'en, e.g., didn't reach our shores. of course ghost stories is a different matter. you've been playing casper, i think? ;)))

were those the names of the pacman eaters? really? ha ha ha... love the sound of that foursome, gee. did we ever think things were just getting started with pacman? i actually wished for it to all subside soon enough as i used to have bad pc screen fever, as in, no thanks. boy, have things evolved in such a quick time lapse...

house is good over here. am working on processing some pics as we speak. i do not have that much to show for, actually, so my post might be pretty short (to begin with). wait till i start throwing my plaster weight about...
... umpffff.

Lise B said...

So halloween madness has not reach you!? Amazing! I do not belive in ghosts, and I do. That is, my thinking, awake me do not belive in them, but when we are in our old farmhouse, and I have to go to the toilet during the night, well then, I belive in them out of the corner of my mind...I like your first picture

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
didn't know their names! Means, didn't know that they have names :)

Your silhouette is fantastic! Is it hanging on a window?

x Ariane.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Yes, Helen that silhouette composition is a true scherenschnitte masterpiece. I adore it. It is amazing. Are there celebrations, and customs, and spectacles in Australia that are similar to Halloween? Ones where you get to eat candy anyway? Just askin' :) Norma, x
p.s. I don't know if you eat candy, but if you do I want to mail you a small handful of Halloween Kisses...these are made once a year so they are fresh and they are like chewy salt water taffy. The Halloween ones have a very distinct taste comparable to nothing else. Shall I send you a few? Send me your snail mail addy, and I will!! Ciao.

susan christensen said...

The ghostly silhouette drawing is just great, helen! I didn't realize there is no Halloween in Australia. Happy week then! -sus

Miss Herzfrisch said...

Dear Helen,
I remember Pacman...we spend hours and hours in our childhood with the running ghosts. But I never heard of their names.
Have a wonderful week.

renilde said...

my mother told me when she was a little girl they used to place candles in hollowed beets...that was long before the halloween madness came over to here,
ghosts and witches belong to autumn together with the wind, the fog so it must be quite strange to imagine them in springtime no?
but your imagination didn't fail to take us to a really ghostly place, scary eyes in the dark and all,

i guess blinky, inky, pinky and clyde do have a more spring-like appeareance ;)

objects of whimsy said...

hello goodness I have a little look and theres nobody there then I come back have another little look and partys on. So I think I should clarify a little till recently and thats probably 5 years ago we saw Hallowwen as American but the supermarket chains here thought we needed another reason to spend our hard earnt money and suddenly started shoving Halloween in our faces. So whilst they are trying very hard to sell us plastic cauldrons and pumpkin buckets and gaudy cheap witch and ghost costumes quite rightly so very few people are attracted to it. And why should we be it has no significance to us culturally.
SO if you took the kids trick or treating here you would be taking a big risk no lollies (we call them lollies here Norma :)) maybe no opening of the front door an annoyed neighbor... you get the picture.
So ghoss are Casper the friendly ones or the pacmen as for their names I got that info off of wikipedia it rang a bell so Im guessing its correct.
Now Americans celebrating Halloween thats intriguing I love it it doesnt seem tacky because its traditional hmmm what traditions do we have? well I guess BBQs, and cricket on New Years Day. Its weird but I guess we are too young as a country to have developed our own traditions yet.
It was fun though and I had fun researching Halloween.
Its a known fact Norma I eat lollies (candy) We eat em when we want and on birthdays, when we watch movies xmas and easter. ill be in touch soon :)
Renilde Im intrigued with the candle in a beetroot, I wouldnt mind if we adopted that version of the candle lit vegetable...

Have a great week my friends

Helen xxxxx

mano said...

oh helen, your ghosts are really spooky, what a wonderful cimetery silhouette!
I don't celebrate halloween, but I like little ghosts and ghost stories!
have a great week, too!!
:-) mano

objects of whimsy said...

thanks Mano

enjoy your weekend :)