21 October 2012

Drawing Challenge :: Leaf/Leaves



Drawing Challenge :: Leaf/Leaves

Our drawing challenge this week is all about leaves very timely for me since Spring has sprung and suddenly we have lush foliage everywhere in my leafy suburb of Hawthorn.
The Collage artwork above was a student assignment that I did I forgot how much I liked working on it. The meditative approach contemplating each position of each element.
The second response is usong the large ivy leaves from my garden to create the word leaf and then putting them back into the garden I might need to reshape some more whilst they are on the vine. The husband will thing Im mad but hey whats new!
Miss Herzfrisch  is our wonderful host and you can visit her blog here to find more links to leaf inspired artworks.


Helen x



susan christensen said...

'meditative approach contemplating each position of each element' is one thing I love so much about collage, Helen... yours are wonderful. Have a great weekend. -sus

mano said...

yes, you have springtime! green leaves in australia, coloured leaves in europe...
I LOVE your collages very much - they are inspiring to me. the connection with different materials like leaves and old packaging is great!
and your large ivy leaves are imposing!
have a wonderful springtime week!
:-) mano

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

the repositioning and everything is very intresting, i agree! it's lovely to look at too, you know?
i think i shall try and cut letters from leaves next spring, i really do. great idea! will you press them perhaps? you'd have a handy alphabet for christmas? ;)))

renilde said...

Helen, the letters are great!! an idea with possibilities, just love it! and the b/w background is a very fine choice.

True what you write about collage, had some relaxing time last week working on a few,now looking at all the (funny) details in yours

enjoy the green of Spring xx

barbarabeesblog said...

Your collages are truly amazing and really really wonderful, I love all of them also how you made this different sections - a perfect composition and beautiful reduced colour palette! Stunning!

Patrice A. said...

gumtree leaves!
I still have some dried ones
I brought home with me
in 1990
I made an etch once
also a long long time ago
.... memories
good ones!

Patrice A.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Helen my gosh you are wonderful. I hope in a very earnest way that I myself will have talent and will be able to develop the 'eye' with practice, to create collages such as these. This art form is one that escapes my ability it seems. I think a person has it or they don't...AND YOU SURE DO!! This is fun and awesome at the same time. Now about those leaves...genius. An illustration for a feature section in a magazine. Maybe an art magazine. Brilliant! Hugs, Norma, x
P.S. Our first snow fall of the season...way up there on top of the mountains on the North Shore. Winter gives its' notice and I am digging out my 'snow' sparkle for the round of trades and gift giving that is ahead (art type things I will be making.) Happy Spring to you Helen!!! :)

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you girls make my day!
Thankyou Norma coming from someone who produces such beautiful collages herself Im very pleased that you like mine :)

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Lovely to see this post! xx Ingrid