17 October 2012

epiphany :: tumblr :: twitter :: instagram :: pinterest

It just happened I dont know how but suddenly Im "into" social media. I cant stand facebook I refuse to go that far but Ive finally seen the value of some of the other methods of sharing on the web.
Im not so sure that twitter will take off with me but hey I didnt think pinterest would either and I have to admit I love it.
Im getting the feeling though that its instagram that is going to take my fancy Im already checking out the help forums (I only do this if Im really really interested!).
So expect some instagram posts from now on I really like the ease in which one can share randomness. I popped links over in the righthand area of the blog if you are also into that sort of thing if not I quite understand I wasnt either for a long time.

Have a great week!

Helen :)



susan christensen said...

Hi, Helen - I am interested in your discoveries - I, too, have no interest in FB but based on your experience, I will check into Instagram - thanks for jogging me into something new. -sus

objects of whimsy said...

I think that you would like instagram Sus its very immediate.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

mixed feelings about social media, moi.
facebook works for me, to spread a word. but i stick to blog and that.
enjoy exploring though, you'll keep us posted!

mano said...

oh, oh - I haven't time for all this...
but I would like to try instagram, but I haven't the right smartphone - sorry!
now I have a look to your pinterest.
:-) mano

objects of whimsy said...

When I say I dont like facebook its the fact that they once posted they own your content all of your images and all the information that you put on it so essentially are able to build profiles of your life. I have a interest in this because it is what I teach internet and ethics.
Most people are happy to share their information with facebook I guess its my work that makes me less willing to share on that particular platform.
Blogging and instagram and pinterst are about my limit. I dont tweet enough to be really into twitter and I like tumblr but only see it as a backup to my blog.
Anyway part of my job is to keep up with the latest techniology trends. If I find anything interesting Ill certainly let you know.

Helen :)