26 October 2012

My Week

a detail from my journal

yay! it finally arrived.

crustless fish pie

love the pattern

Im a little obsessed with shadow pictures!

great coffee and great book!

Some moments throughout my week via instagram. I hope you enjoy!

See you on weekend 
Helen x



Stefanie Seltner said...

yes, I do!
enjoy the next week, too,
x Stefanie

renilde said...

you have sunshine, your shadows just told me, it's raining over here,
i like that envelope and i need a coffee now :) x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hey! the sketchbook project. long time no hear about those. are you participating in next year's? it'll leave you with a few deadlines, won't it?
will you walk us through the process?
your pie appeals to me too.

Helenbeee said...

yes sketchbook project is upon us. Im a little disappointed as Melbourne was named as a destination that was on their tour list but they pulled out (saying it was too costly)so felt that it was a bit of a waste of time participating in the process when one wasnt going to be able to see their SBk in context.
But I had already purchased for this year so hopefully it will manage to get to Melbourne if not I might have to fly to the Northern Hemisphere to see it.

Just go t o the website order and pay for a sketchbook choose a theme and it will arrive then you fill it with lovely drawings sketches designs words pictures and mail it back to them.

Its pretty easy

Helen :)