03 November 2012

Off for the weekend


Im off for the weekend to a place called Inverloch 2 hours drive South East of Melbourne for a little R&R.
I cant say that it is the seaside because it essentially is typical wild ocean and sweeping shoreline that Australia has. You can check it out on google maps if you would like to see the amazing beach walks and cute Hamlet that I will be indulging in here.
So I may or may not get to participate in the challenge this week but may try to post a special challenge treat from my visit we shall see the place Im staying at says they have wifi so fingers crossed.

The pics above are from last weekend when I visited one of the open gardens just round the corner from me it was spectacular and I wanted to live there I really did. It was a wooden colonial house with the most amazing modern sculptures in the beautiful old garden.

The mangoes were so ripe that their colour of gold and orange blush were blinding. This is a sign that summer is just around the corner.

Their are roses everywhere it takes me forever to walk anywhere these days as the roses are so breathtaking that I have to keep stopping to smell, admire and take fotos. I think of you dear Ariane everytime I see them so I thought I would snap a few just for you.

I will pop in when I get back to see how everyone is enjoying their weekends I wish you all some R&R

Helen x



Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
Open Gardens... oh, beautiful summertime! Thank you very, very much for the roses. Can smell them! Delicious...
See you soon, maybe.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

you've just succeeded in making me long for what you so passionately describe.
e-n-j-o-y, helen.
we'll hear you when we hear you..;;)))

mano said...

I love open gardens! have a beautiful time, dear helen! :-) mano