13 December 2012

Drawing Challenges and New Ventures


state of mind


Drawing Challenge :: state of mind

I found this page from one of my journals where I went looking for states of mind inspiration. I did this drawing during another time of uncertainty and for some reason I kept coming back to it.
You see an empty stage can be seen in different ways desolate and barren or readiness and expectant. I have traversed all of these states in the last couple of weeks.

Drawing Challenge :: Cactus

My daughter gave me a packet of plastilini last christmas and Nadines theme for the drawing challenge just seemed perfect for a plastilini exercise. It was fun I enjoyed it immensely reminded me of my claymation days!
Please check out Nads wonderful blog and follow the links for a journey into the wonderful world of Cacti.


Dear Friends

things are really crazy here in my corner of the world and my poor blog not from wanting has been neglected.
I dont generally go too much into the personal minutiae of my life but I want to let you know that my husband and I were both retrenched from our jobs recently (make mental note not to work at same place of employment in the future).
We are both teachers and we both freelance as well. I probably dont need to tell you all how this will be impacting on us and particularly at this time of the year. So we went into lockdown mode trying to figure out what the best route was out of tricky situation.

For some time now my husband (Stan) and I have freelanced on various web projects and have often toyed with the idea of setting up a web development studio and making a proper go of it.
So that is what we are going to do.
 Its a little exciting and quite a lot scary but I really do think that the time is right. 
I am not one to wallow in self pity and have this bizarre built in mechanism where I see adversity as an opportunity to test my skills.
I love a challenge and the bigger it is the more I love it. Stan is not so adventurous as I am and tends to err on the side of caution but he too can see the possibilities and so we venture ahead into the relative unknown.

For the next few weeks I am developing a new identity for us, branding and marketing materials, website and blog. Ive decided to blog the process of development of the new business. Of course I will still have objects of whimsy blog it is my baby and I cant give it up. So a launch will be coming soon!!! Iam more than a bit excited I can tell you.

Things may go a little quiet here on objects of whimsy for awhile but I will be visiting your blogs from time to time and participate in a challenge or two just because I cant really stop those as you all know the addictive nature of drawing challenges hee hee!

Helen x



♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

well-o, hello, and how's that for an {almost new year's & creative} resolution!
if you feel it, you gotto do it.
one life! just one.
i shall be looking forward to that progress, you are of course making me terrificly curious...!

when i see your cacti, i think, lemonade! they just so remind me of being thirsty for that peculiarly refreshing taste of cactus juice. you've put that plasticine to good use!

i am also quite taken by your state of mind graphics, by both the drawing of the lines, and the words. the colour scheme does also remind me of zentangle clarification methods, only because i've been elbow deep into these sporadically, which means often at other times.

wishing you all the best of luck with this new adventure, helen!
and stan!

susan christensen said...

Dear Helen - first I gotta tell you how much I admire your attitude toward the challenges you and Stan are facing right now. Just so fierce! YES!
Also that I think your plasticine cactus look like something good enough to eat!
Wishing you and your husband amazing serendipity and good fortune as you boldly venture onto the empty stage before you. I look forward to the launch! -sus

barbarabeesblog said...

Dear Helen, phew what news! I wish you and Stan all the best, that your new business idea will turn out right. I admire your brave attitude with which you cope with the situation. We always have to deal with what life has to offer us and we can only see backwards if it was good or bad what happend and what we did and hopefully in the end all make sense and lead us to much better and fulfilling life, thats what I hope for you!
Your cute little cacti seem to show your optimistic state of mind, I love them by the way, they make me smile.
Big hug and good good luck!

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks for the lovely supportive comments its nice to receive them.
We will be fine just have to embrace the change rather than resist it.
As for plastilini I really like it and feel like I need to make some more 'little' things.

renilde said...

dear Helen, i can understand that you went through all kinds of state of mind, and as you show,' the world is an empty stage',well yes, yes you can put up something there, making good use of all your talent and creativity, it may seem a'prickly' situation sometimes but that can also be used as a driving force,your happy cacti are flowering already, and i wish both of you a flowering business, you can do it!

i will put your name on the list with a maybe,

succes, xx

Carole said...

Dear Helen, exciting things are happening in your and Stan's lives. May you have much success with your plans. May you work together as a team supporting and encouraging the other. May you be blessed with ideas and plans and all the clients you need!
Your cacti are sweet, so sweet in fact, they look as though they should be on a delicious chocolate cake.
xo Carole

Stefanie Seltner said...

Hey dear blogger friend,
thanks for sharing your story with us, I wish you all the best and courage and power and success and all you need! there is a big chance in changes.
your cacti are sooo funny and special:)
x Stefanie

Patrice A. said...

dear Helen,
I want to wish you and Stan
all the luck in the world
and if it feels right you will!
love and a big, big hug!!

Patrice A.

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks so much for the all the love well wishes and hugs (Patrice I felt them I really did :)) Im running the full gamut of emotions and truly feeling excitement for the times ahead. Im off to my house in Tasmania for Christmas I still have a lot of marking to get through and lose ends to tie off so the next couple of weeks is going to be a bit chaotic. But all in all Im feeling positive and happy.

Have a lovely weekend!

Helen :)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

hi helen, i hope you are havng a good holidays séjour. i'm looking forward to how it's going! merry christmas and a happy newyear already!
could you please send me your snail mail address? woolfenbell@gmail.com
cheers, love