08 January 2013

Bushfires Tasmania


This post was going to be a Happy New Year post and it still is but Ive been a bit quiet here on my blog due to the fact that Stan and I were involved in the recent bushfires in Tasmania.
We were lucky in the fact that we both survived with our lives and our property others were not so fortunate and even though miraculously it appears noone has perished yet many have lost their homes, their livelihood and in the case of Dunalley their community.
We ask that you spare a thought for those families who are beginning their new year with loss. If you would like to help you can donate through the red cross tasmanian bushfire appeal.
So my friends Im taking a couple of days off from everything to recuperate and settle back into normality and will start my New Year next week.

Helen x



Patrice A. said...

sweat Helen,
those bushfires were on our news
and you popped in my mind
knowing you would celebrate Christmas
at Tasmania
I am so glad you and your family is ok

a big hug
Patrice A.

renilde said...

dear Helen, i heard and saw on the news what happened in Tasmania, admidst all the festivities one stands still, my heart and thoughts go out to the unlucky ones, wishing them strenght and love to get through these very difficult times, may there be lots of help and support so they can rebuild their lives and find happines in this new year.

and to you and your family ofcourse, all my best wishes for 2013, xx

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
I am very glad that you are fine! The pics on the TV looks terrible! My thoughts and best wishes to those who has lost their homes.
May 2013 will be a good year!
Big hugs to you and your lovelies.

x Ariane.

Carole said...

Oh my gosh, Helen, I'm glad to hear you are okay. Love and best wishes to you and your neighbours. Take care. xo Carole

susan christensen said...

Helen, you and your husband have been in my thoughts as I heard of the Bush fires in Tasmania. SO grateful that you are unscathed, and holding those who lost so much in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes as your new year begins... sus