27 January 2013

Drawing Challenge :: bead :: crown

crowing glory

my beads


Ive put 2 challenges together this week in an effort to catch up so we have
no: 89 the crown challenge hosted by our illustrious Ariane (still illustrious! but I have been corrected ) lovely Stefanie (apologies to Stefanie!) and
this weeks challenge no: 90 the bead challenge which is hosted by the wonderful Norma.

You can follow the links above to find other wonderful crowns and beads to admire.


I love these old black and white drawing plates of crowns which lead me to exploring decorative type. Bringing them the 2 elements together with fleur de lis pattern says royalty to me.


I dont wear much jewellery but when I do its beads. I love my string of chunky wooden beads and my long strand of  blue glass. But my favourite beads are the blue/green polymer beads that a friend of mine made for me. I wear these a lot.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend mine is a little dull grey overcast here but I will not complain after days of summer heat we have had recently not to mention bushfires, floods and tornadoes would you believe? This is truly a land of excess.

I have been watching the Sex and the City series (finally Ive never seen it) and am quietly surprised by the the first 4 series which are witty and clever the last 2 lost their wind but are nonetheless made up for by the eye candy of  New York city, Paris and the over the top fashion.

I am listening to an old KD Lang CD which I havent listen to in years rediscovering the amazing voice of this talented artist.

I have been baking bread and making chilli con carne with my homegrown chillies extra spicy and hot!

I have been playing YAHTZEE with Stan vicious battles to the end and lots of laughing at the loser dont you just love the comraderie of boardgames.

And work there is always work it seems to spill over into my weekends all the time

Hoping your weekend has been as fruitful as mine Ill pop over for a visit when I can.

Ahhh the sun has come out time for a walk methinks.

Helen x



susan christensen said...

Your beads are beautiful, so well-photographed dear helen! I enjoy catching up on your activities. Hope you had a good walk. xxoo, sus
PS - the Crown has the perfect font, it does say Royalty!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

ha! your daily life sounds just the part, helen!
i love your crown, makes me dream of a beautiful stamp. contact the post office already!

sarapirat said...

homegrown chillies! mmmmmm!
love that...
baking bread too.
and used to be an addicted fan to the first seasons of sex and the city.
now it has been a while. and i never seem to have the time to nor the patience to watch series anymore.

have a wonderful week!

Patrice A. said...

your post made me smile ;^)))
because I almost can see you busy
with the chili and the baking
your jewellery aside
the yatzee and the laughter
the rain which finally came

I do not wear jewellery
only some rings
my necklaces are hanging on the wall
but I love beads, ha!

Patrice A.

tanïa said...

Beautiful crown, I can already see it travelling around the world on many letters! ;o)

Have a bracelet of wooden pearls very (very!) similar to yours in the first two pics. Love the colours!

Have another fruitful sunday!

Ariane Reichardt said...

First, to each saint his candle... or her:
I was not the host of CROWN... its been Stefanie Seltner.

Dear Helen,
sex and the city? its fun! Listening to sensible KD Lang a pleasure... you know how to enjoy a weekend!

Your crown is wonderful! and as Nadine already said... a beautiful stamp! Your beads looks so fresh to me... longing for colour here in the Winter of Europe!


Norma Conway said...

Helen I've been thinking of you and wondering what you are up to...so for me to read this post was a joy. It was just like receiving a real letter and the image of the crown up top just like looking at a real stamp!!! I think it is great that you wear a favourite necklace. I do not really have a favourite. Well now that I think of it, I do. It's not beads, it's some fake diamonds, but I wear a pair of earrings that I never take off. Ever. This has been going on for years now. Maybe we could do a drawing challenge of favourite jewellery. HA! Well I hope that the weather calms down some for you all. Sheesh already!!! *smiles* Norma, x

renilde said...

the colours of your beads catch my eye,green and blue; such a pretty combination and a real king Arthur crown, you are so brave catching up the dc's Helen

over here rain is falling and snow has all melted, i'm looking forward to grow some veggies already

my weekend was super busy too that's why i'm reacting this late, i always like some quiet time to take a look at all those inspiring dc posts
have a nice week x

objects of whimsy said...
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objects of whimsy said...

Hello! lots of visits I see hope your week is going well and thanks for your comments.

Helen x