25 January 2013

Margaret Preston :: Special Birthday Wishes

Sturt Desert Pea  circa 1930 by Margaret Preston

sturt desert peas

sturt desert pea carpet!


There is a lovely kind hearted and thoughtful person amongst us and that is our dear Ariane who has organised a little event to wish another special person in our community a Happy Birthday.

I jumped at the chance to take part because Nadine has become of sorts a friend. I question the traditional form of a friend someone you have face to face with who is a part of your 'real life' as we call it but a friend nonetheless who also offers support and encouragement, who takes an interest in what you are doing and entertains you with their stories and visions.

So my friend Nadine HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day filled with cake, coffee and presents!

My present to you is this post.
I wanted to give you flowers from my side of the world.
Margaret Preston is our most famous painter/printmaker of Australian flora.
Her artworks are accessible to Australians as they are popular subjects for cards and prints which is why she is still popular today.
I really love her sturt desert pea artworks. One of Australias more unusual flowers.

I hope you enjoy this post Miss Nadine.

To Ariane such a lovely idea thanks for organising it.

Helen x



susan christensen said...

Helen, thank you for introducing not only this wonderful artist to us, but also the flower which is SO very unusual (to my northern eyes)!
love from sus
Blogland does expand ones definition of friendship I believe.

Lyndel said...

oh Helen, you could not have chosen a more unusual Aussie flower, and of course MP is the perfect artist to show them off.

objects of whimsy said...

Yes it really is a very odd looking flower and the way it grows like a carpet is also strange. I remember that this was always the flower that I tried to master as a kid. It felt so difficult (still does)


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

whàt???? oh - my - word !
i mean, goodness! what are you like???? oh, i'm so glad i wrote the email first and now find this post here, it thrills me to the bones, and moves me!!!!!

and what are those pods like??? nothing i could have imagined easily.

thank you SO much for your warm thoughts. i mean, you are something, miss helen....!