14 January 2013

The Long Post


Where do I start?
Feels like ages since I posted a 'normal' post but here goes..........
firstly a big thankyou for all your love and support for myself and Stan over this trying time in our lives its been a weird couple of weeks to say the least.

Took a good part of the week to start feeling 'normal' noone tells you that you will feel dizzy, drugged and so so tired after surviving a traumatic event but you do.
Apparently when you go into survival mode your body releases chemicals that enable you to 'flight' and it takes a while for the body to rid you of these when the event is over.
Thankfully I feel better with each day that passes.

I felt such sadness that I never got to post my stay at my house in Tasmania because of the interruption of the events so I will endeavor to do so over the next couple of weeks.

I took very few pics of my bushfire ordeal as it was happening it was a conscious decision not to have such a graphic record of such a horrible experience.
Also I needed to conserve my phone battery as we had no power and no way of knowing when it would all end. My main priority was to keep my daughter informed of our safety so she wouldnt worry.
I have assembled the very few that I did take of the beginning (before I realised just how serious a situation it was) and I have posted these on my snaphappy blog with other much nicer ones that I took before the fire.

Looking at the pictures still makes me anxious thinking how I could of lost my beautiful house and bay but thankfully I didnt.

My other desire was to post about my new business to log the process and progress of developing an identity and website. I still intend to but it might have to wait till I get myself sorted with other pressing needs that have now cropped up.

When I returned to Melbourne I was lucky to receive some mail from the lovely Miss Nadine (aka Miss Woolf) It took me the best part of a week before I felt up to opening it.
I wanted to enjoy the moment and it was such a pleasure to receive the lovely card well wishes and the beautiful handmade garland which I have strung up on my Australia spoon holder in my kitchen.
Now I can see it every morning and think of a nice kind Woolfy gal from far away who sent it to me. Thankyou Nadine! a little parcel will find its way to you soon.

And just in case I didnt thankyou Norma I will thankyou here for the delicious candies that you sent a few weeks ago. (belated halloween) they were consumed very quickly and enjoyed thoroughly by Stan and myself. You still need to send me your address so I can send you a little something too.

That will do for the time being methinks Im feeling much better now Ive posted on the blog I cant believe Im into my third year of blogging where does the time fly hey?

Heres to another year of drawing challenges, shared thoughts and  friendship.
I often wonder what my life would have been like if blogging wasnt part of it and I cant imagine it so I wont.

I wonder if Ill still be blogging at 90?
I can see it now retirement villages with blogging rooms for the blogger grannies or grannies blogging into the wee small hours of the night being told off by the nightshift nurse heh heh heh.

Happy New Year Friends
Heres to 2013!

Helen x


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susan christensen said...

So good to 'hear' from you, Helen, and to know that your lives are settling down. Best wishes, sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

your {blogger} mind is racing, dear, in the most enjoyable way {geriatric circumstances - i experience the wildest notions!!!!} ... helen!

what a wonderful post, tinyWOOLF bows her head so low she's eating dust.
snow! snow! she's eating snow, helen.

i will now make my way to what you also mentioned. i had no idea you escaped death, did youse?

mano said...

dear helen, I'm so happy to hear that you and your family are well.
wish you all ALL all the best!
and yes, nadine is a very sweet tiny woolf! I received this wonderful garland too!
:)) mano