24 February 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Glass


What an interesting week it has been working from our new community office space @ Inspire9 it has been truly inspirational to work alongside such a talented bunch of people. The idea is to provide office space with all the facilities and services that are required in an office but the costs are pooled.

It really is a fantastic idea and lends itself to a lean startup for business. Our interest is the ability to work with like minded people who may have skills that we dont otherwise have and the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects. Nice!

Drawing Challenge :: Glass

This weeks drawing challenge is brought to you by our lovely host Sus you can find more links to lovely glass artworks on her blog.
When I think of glass I think of sea glass its colours and shapes really appeal to me. I wasnt sure where this challenge would take me but Im pretty happy with the results. It was really enjoyable to do. Thanks Sus!

Big thanks to Mano and Norma who sent me their letter from the postage stamp DC. It was really exciting to receive them. Ill post them here soon!


North American Sea Glass Association



Carole said...

Wow that's some link full of sea glass! Wouldn't it be fun to go to the festival to meet all those sea glass lovers!

Sue Hutchen-Lay said...

Lovely pictures and thanks for the link to more sea glass lovers.

renilde said...

and you can be really happy with the result because it's wonderfully eye catching Helen, beautiful 'glass' effect, i love how you used that bright green to make the whole 'pop', thanks for a lovely dose of gorgeous colours,

so nice to read your professional plans seems to go in a satisfying and lovely direction, good! xx

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
Inspire9 sounds great! Love collaboratively work ;)

And your glass, Hon, your glass could be found at River Elbe (No. 79 Driftwood), here in Hamburg...

Like your artpiece very much... that glassy translucency is fantastic!

xo Ariane.

Patrice A. said...

sea glass, I like that
and your artwork!
that lighthouse!
the beautiful inside drawing
and cornwall.... land's end
I have been there once
a long, long time ago
and loved it

good luck with the work
and collaboration
sounds good!

Patrice A.

roberto said...

good idea and good pictures and good digital work!!!
I like the first pic, almost seem mints, I would eat them all :))

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

I would love your green glass as a fabric in a light spring skirt. Or a swimming suit. YES, then back to the ocean. ;0)

mano said...

sea glass :))) ! thank you for the link, wonderful dia show! and for YOUR pic! mano

susan christensen said...

Helen, I love sea glass, too. thank you for sharing this link. I am so glad that your biz venture is working out - best wishes for the week ahead, sus

Stefanie Seltner said...

sea glass, ah yeah, that´s fantastic!
feeling like a child... we are treasure hunters
x stefanie

objects of whimsy said...

thanks for the comments I hope you all have a wonderful week. I woke this morning to torrential rain it was wonderful havent had a cool breeze for weeks!

Helen x

barbarabeesblog said...

Great sea glass, makes me want to walk along a beach and collecting them. Don't they look amazing after the sea spit the out again.
Great link to, thank you.

Norma Conway said...

I have lived by the ocean for my whole life, save seven years inland. I have never seen sea glass. I don't 'go' to the beach often because now that I think of it, I take it for granted. Shame on me. But I would love to find a piece of sea glass. One piece would thrill me. Okay so now I have to go to the beach I am telling myself. Love the photo Helen. *smiles* N.x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i like the crispness of your creation. and the colour tones!

that community sounds like just the ticket. good luck with it, and how are you then, by the way? will send you word of note soon, helen. thinking of you, nonetheless...

tanĂ¯a said...

Sea glass...oh, I think I have to put my eyes on those than just on sea shells when I'm at a beach again!
It's fascinating how close your artworks glass pieces are to the real ones! Especially in colours and transparency!