17 February 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Lighthouse


Drawing Challenge :: Lighthouse

The Wolf Rock Lighthouse, Lands End has always held some fascination for me. Its not only because of the fact that it is a lighthouse built on a rock out to sea but the fact that it is in Cornwall where my Grandmother was born (her maiden name was Corney cant get more Cornish than that!).

I found this old badge in an opshop in Melbourne. It looks roughly from the 50s or 60s and I like to think that someone went all the way to England for a holiday and brought it back as a souvenir or perhaps someone from Cornwall was emigrating and brought it with them to remind them of home. It is always exciting when you find something a random object that you immediately connect with for me this badge is one of them.

The badge featured in my sketchbook for the 2012 arthousecoop sketchbook project. Just perfect for this challenge.

This weeks drawing challenge is brought to us by the wonderful and talented Miss Renilde. If you are finished with this post I suggest that you pop over to her blog and take a look at the other lighthouse artworks.

Enjoy the weekend!

Helen x


Wolf Rock Lighthouse History
sketchbook project 2012

All artwork is copyright to Helen Bordeaux 2013



renilde said...

i can see why this beautiful Land ends(what a great name) badge attracted you, besides the story of your grandmother,i can see the comparison with your work, the black lines of the bagde,
(and isn't it wonderful how we can 'guess' stories behind objects).
i just love the sectional view of the lighthouse, all that circling.
thanks so much for a lovely post, xx

roberto said...

Hi Helen, thanks for your kind comment.
You say that this lighthouse has had a fascination, on you
I believe that all lighthouses exert a fascination on us
I've always seen the light of ligthouses from the coast. wondering if there was someone far away, that he was seeing, and need to be guided.
  I'd like to see it from the dark distance, to know what these people feel when seeing the flashes that will lead them to the port
Good week for you!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
your words makes me happy... I love stories of Grandmothers' :)
Your drawing with the collar and button and badge are with expression... with your strong 'Helen-black-line'. Great!

x Ariane.

susan christensen said...

What a serendipitous find, the badge, Helen. The cut-away view is always a favorite of mine, this of the lighthouse so fascinating. Hope you have a creative and enjoyable week, love, sus

Trail Pixie Trespas said...

What a treasure to find this pin I love things like that and that your Grandmother has a connection to this place. Wouldn't it be wild to live in the lighthouse; so many layers, levels in your map plan. Thanks for this post and peek into your world and family history.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

remarkable, the innards of a lighthouse.
remarkable 2, land's end.
i made it to cornwall once, in mist and things. and there we are, cornwall it is what you meant. i don't remember if i ever saw that lighthouse...!
will answer you email soon.
love, n♥

objects of whimsy said...

Hello Nadine!!

thanks for the lovely comments everyone Im glad you liked my story.
Helen x

tanĂ¯a said...

I was late in that lighthose theme challenge, but now I've arrived. So special that this lighthouse has a much deeper meaning for you. Love how the badge found it's way to you.
Nice drawing, too!