09 February 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Postage Stamp


Drawing Challenge :: Postage Stamp

When I was young I collected stamps I had my Stanley Gibbons stamp album, a pair of tweezers and a packet of fiddly attaching tabs to adhere the stamps into the album. I felt very scientific going about my business of transferring stamps to album saving pocket money to buy packets of stamps from the newsagent to fill the pages of countries I knew little about.
Setting up at the kitchen table, I would carefully carry the saucer of water somehow always spilling some water on the way, I would use the water to soak the stamps off of used envelopes that I had collected from family.

My Grans were the best ones as she had friends in other countries and wrote lots of letters so therefore received lots of letters.
Competition was fierce what with four rival siblings and various cousins who also collected stamps.
Getting an envelope from my Gran was gold.
At family dos we would show off our wares and sometimes swaps and deals went down everyone vying for the prized set they were collecting.

What used to really bother me was the empty Tasmania page in my album I had stamps from every state except Tasmania. I had stamps from faraway places such as Russia and the Cayman Islands but somehow the elusive Tasmanian stamp never graced my album pages. I grew up thinking Tasmania was a mysterious and exotic place with tigers and devils. No wonder I ended up living there as an adult!

For the challenge I thought I would create my own larger than life Tassie stamp to compensate. I chose a very early Tasmanian stamp that features the Tasmanian Tiger another mysterious and elusive Tasmanian icon.

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Lyndel said...

oh I love your drawing, and your childhood album. I had a similar one when I was a kid, and got stamps from my Granny. I went on to work in Stamps, first in a stamp shop and then an Auctioneers and then 10 years with Stanley Gibbons! Retired now, and I don't collect stamps anymore either, seen enough to last me!

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks Lyndel

I am in complete awe of you that you worked for Stanley Gibbons. He was highly regarded in the realm of kids an icon of coolness.

Wow a life of stamps now that would have been exciting.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Have a great weekend

Helen :)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen! your Tasmanian Devil stamp is great! Fantastic drawing with its different structures and those letters! And your album full of beauty...
Your motive is very comprehensible... btw as a child I collected stamps too. Because of my aunt living in Great Britain I had tons of Queen E II hahahha so your pic of invitation seems so familiar.

This theme was a healing one for me... so thank you very much for that fun!

x Ariane.

Patrice A. said...

a Tasmanian devil!
I love it!!
as I love Australia
and would love to visit Tasmania
but that is a different story ;^))

I never collected stamps
but my love K did!!
I found his (mostly empty) album
which came in handy for this challenge

what I like to do is buy special stamps
I like to pick a special one
when writing a letter
I loved the challenge
but wished I would have had more time....

have a lovely weekend!

Patrice A.

BunTine said...

Love your Tasmanian Tiger stamp !
Great drawing work,

objects of whimsy said...

Ariane those QEII stamps are great I love looking at them now seeing the queen change in each new run and I love the colour palette too.

Thats a great idea Patrice I love stamps theres a great stamp shop in Melbourne that I could spend hours in.
Hi Kerstin
thanks for popping by and commenting nice to see here!

Helen x

Norma Conway said...

Well you'll be getting a letter from me, art friend! Thank you for choosing this delicious theme, and for being such a gracious host, Helen. I discovered a LARGE bag of stamps for sale at the thrift store yesterday and so of course, purchased them. I've been soaking the stamps free of the envelopes and discovered that the envelopes that have the stamps removed will make excellent ephemera to use for collage elements. The post marks are all chopped up and edges irregular so they are ready to use! As I've been sitting here soaking, and ironing the product flat, I remember wanting a stamp collection soooooooooooo bad when I was ten years old, that I cut the stamp advertisements from the sections in the newspaper and magazines that sold stamp packets. I had blank pages and glued the black and white images to them and that was my stamp collection. We had no money. It was out of the question to even think of asking for such an extravagance. When my mother noticed what I was doing she went out and bought me a big fat stamp collecting album and a package of stamps to get started. It kept me entertained for a few years. Well, now I am off to view others' artwork. *hugs* Norma, x

sarapirat said...

what a gorgeous drawing!
always enjoying you guys with the drawing challenge, so much creativity and talent out there...


Trail Pixie Trespas said...

Helen, your tazzy is so fresh. The textured environment is puurrrfectly wild for the four-legged guy. It would be fun to exchange stamps! thank you for hosting this week; I loved the theme and will post soooooon.

objects of whimsy said...

Hello Norma
dont you love how inventive kids are? plenty of times I would make a version of something I wanted badly but couldnt have. It seems to be missing for kids these days which is a shame I think. The sound of a bag f stamps as a thrift shop find makes me salivate. I still owe you a parcel (blush) I havent forgotten soon I promise.

Sara thanks for popping by Im glad you enjoy the dcs even though you might not get to participate in them.

thanks for the comment and I look forward to seeing yours soon

Helen :)

mano said...

when I was a child there are not kith and kin in other countries - so I never collected stamps. later I had many penfriends all over the world and I love the beautiful landscapes, the exotic animals, the strange artworks, the unknown people on the stamps. and so I started collecting them.
today I most love animals on it - your tassie tiger is a great example of stamp artwork, so beautiful and powerful. I wished I had this stamp in my album ;-) !!
thank you for hosting this theme, I had great fun with my stamps!
love, mano

objects of whimsy said...

stamps are amazing arent? they are so inspiring its sad that kids dont seem to enjoy them anymore (I really hope there are some kids out there getting stamp happiness!).
I love the way you use them in your art boxes.

Helen x

renilde said...

dear Helen, your memories connected to the humble stamp... fantastic,
so there it is at last your Tasmenian stamp, love how you drew that background, those lines, and beautiful letters.
Tasminia so far away, mysterious place to me.
tiny and small as they are stamps can make a letter or card just that extra special, i always admire them, can't throw away envelopes with pretty stamps, i just keep them together with their contents.
thanks for a wonderful theme, i had no idea it would gave me so much creating pleasure, xx

tanĂ¯a said...

What a pity your tasmanian tiger won't leave Australia as an official stamp, it's just so beautiful! I hope the Tasmanian post will stumble across this drawing challenge posting one day and make this a real stamp! That would absolutely be a piece I'd save!!
Had to smile about your story on collecting stamps. I never collected stamps, but since I was a child I was always fascinated by these tiny pieces of art, especially when they had travelled long journeys from unknown far away countries. That brought subject for my imagination. I loved when children's TV explained the journey of a letter from its sender to its adressee and I sometimes fall back into this childish stage of excitement when I have a look on my parcels' shipment tracking nowadays. ;o))
Thank you so much for this great theme you've chosen and have a nice sunday!

objects of whimsy said...

Hello Renilde
funny the things like stamp collecting connects us I keep mine too though now they are a becoming quite rare. My tassie one is on my wall now so I can look at it makes me quite satisfied that I have one now.

I like those stories too Tania Im not sure where but I had to laugh when I saw that someone had posted a pigeon statue actual with no packaging to a friend.
The postman had to deliver it in person you can imagine a pigeon statue with stamps on it! A very real version of pigeon post hahaha.

Im glad you like my stamp and the drawing challenge I think its been a bit of fun.

Helen x

barbarabeesblog said...
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barbarabeesblog said...

Oh wow Helen, your tasmanian devil stamps is stunning! I like how you created the background and landscape with all this different lines and pattern and your drawing is great. Definitely a stamp which has been missing in your childhood collection!
And who wouldn't want to get a postcard with a stamp like this!
Great, great, great!

objects of whimsy said...

Thanks Barb he is now up on my wall looking back at me! It was a good challenge I think. :)

Carole said...

Helen, I think story would make a lovely little book for the post offices of the world to hand out to children when they turn 6yr old! I could feel your excitement.

My girls were stamp collectors (until it wasn't cool anymore) and I can remember their excitement when our neighbour brought them bags of stamps for their collections.

Your Tasmanian stamp is devilish! xo

objects of whimsy said...

thanks Carol

my nieces 6th birthday is just round the corner that may be an idea for a present.

Helen :)

susan christensen said...

Sweet story, Helen - I can just picture you hard at work on your stamp collection at the kitchen table. Your Tasmanian Tiger is so magnificent. Very effective use of pen and ink. Thanks for this entertaining challenge. xxoo, sus

Kristen Donegan said...

Isn't it interesting all the stamp collecting going on out there in the world! It's been so fun to visit everyone and hear there connections in this way and see it in my own kids- though I especially enjoyed hearing about your scientific methods in collecting as a youngster!

objects of whimsy said...

Sus & Kristen

its been a fun challenge and I agree great to see all the responses it seems that we do have a lot more in common than we think.
Im inspired by your boy Kristen Im getting my nephew a stamp album for his birthday. Oerhaos one day he might meet your son on a blog somewhere and find they too shared childhood memories of stamp collecting!


Stefanie Seltner said...

I love your story and your black/white stamp
very powerful!
x Stefanie