27 February 2013



Arent they wonderful?

I received these last week one arriving the day after the other. It was a happy end to my day.

The stamps on Normas envelope are really beautiful one of them is embossed and sending it in a cellophane bag kept it nice and safe. Inside was a letter written by Norma I havent had a handwritten letter in years!

I was lucky to receive a postcard from Mano just beautiful I feel very lucky to have it.

A big thankyou to the lovely Norma and Mano for sending them.


Mano's postage post
Normas postage post



mano said...

you're welcome!
thank you for twittern!

Norma Conway said...

Hi Helen!! I put it in a plastic sleeve because the day I walked to the post office box to mail it, sheets of rain fell from the skies. I didn't want it to sit in a metal post box outside with maybe rain pouring in somehow, or having someone else's sopping wet package land right on top of my letter only to sit overnight awaiting pick up, and meanwhile soaking up grime, etc. I think it is amazing that the post office left the plastic sleeve on. I think I might do this more often, in this case. Thank you for your words Helen, *smiles* Norma, x

Rachel said...

Now thats some good mail!!
Have a beautiful day!


Patrice A. said...

lucky you!

this week i will be the host
will you join?....

Patrice A.