28 April 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Dance



Im back woohoo! so excited was very restless approaching this challenge but Ive managed to find my way through.
So to the challenge I couldnt go past my all time favourite Audrey Hepburn crazy dance in the film "funnyface" with Fred Astaire. This is my all time favourite dance film.

Ive included the film poster above and link to her dance on youtube also a link to a series of clips from the film I found on my cruise around youtube.
I then grabbed brush and ink and pushed out 3 audreys in dance mode. These I took into photoshop grabbed a background and wallah! I hope you like them.

Our host is the lovely Miss Patrice. Please take the time to pop over to her blog and enjoy the links to all the fabulous artworks you will find inspired by this weeks theme.

Thanks Patrice for the fun you provided.

Helen x



funnyface clip (series)


Carole said...

Well, Helen, you've come back with a blast from the past! Ypur paintings of Audrey Hepburn catch her quirky moves perfectly! I think she would approve the background you added. xo C

Stefanie Seltner said...

welcome back, dear Helen!
and yes, Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, you are so right it is fantastic - the movie and now your drawings and the colorful background, this is so moving dancing having fun!
x Stefanie

joanne said...

Hepburn's dance is a classic!
Your drawings of her are great!
I do love them!

Cindi said...

You're back!! These are very fun (the movie clip, too!). The bright retro color design makes ME want to dance!

tanĂ¯a said...

Lovely Audrey!
You captures her movements, her dance so perfect in your drawings! Let's dance with her in a similar strange way, might be very funny! ;o)

jen storer said...

You've snapped her and trapped her! Welcome back, Helen. You pack a punch with this gorgeous post. x

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

must look into that movie again, thxs for reminding me. there's a freshness about it, og, and about audrey, of course..
great you're back!
let's dance! ;)))

celine schroeder said...

what a come back! love your Audrey's!

Kristen Donegan said...

She is so COOL! I love her and totally forgot about this movie, so thanks for the post :)

so glad you back and swingin ;)

Sue Hutchen-Lay said...

What a delight to see that dance sequence again. I love what it inspired. What fun!

Susan Christensen said...

WOW, can that chick dance!
And WOW, can that woman draw!
Glad to have you back in the challenge, Helen.
xxoo, sus

objects of whimsy said...

Hello friends!!!!

so nice of you all to stop by and leave greetings. Im so happy you dropped by.
I just love Audrey and the silliness of this dance that she performs.
Her outfit and ponytail and her fringe. It really is about the celebration of dance.
Im glad you liked my audrey's they were quick and frenzied like the song in the making.

Have a wonderful week I still havent been to all of your blogs yet to see what you have been up to but I will over the next couple of weeks.

Helen x

Patrice A. said...

welcome back!!
and i just love Audrey
but like Nadine
i totally forgot about this movie
now i have to see it again
so thank you for sharing
you made a fine artwork
so fitting the music
and her dance

thank you for playing
and keep dancing
dance, dance ;^)))

Patrice A.

barbarabeesblog said...

Hi Helen, I'm happy that you choosed another brilliant classic dance film, unforgetable and great.
This poster is to die for! And your artwork a perfect whirlwind of color, joy and movement.
P.S. welcome back!

Norma Conway said...

Wow that background made the figures POP. Just wonderful graphics here Helen. Nice to see you again after a bit of a break!! Now I have to go watch Audrey dance. Talk soon, N, xo

renilde said...

welcome back dear Helen,
so nice to see Audrey dance in the movie as well as in your work, you caught the energy of movement and music perfectly and in your own special way, xx