26 May 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Proverb or Saying

I hear this countless times a day :)


So not what I wanted to do but this was all the time I had available to me this weekend. So here it is graffiti and the demise of language in the age of technology.  Are these the archaeological digs and the Shakespearean equivalents of this day and age?
Who knows.....
What I do think is that "Hi! its me" may well become the "To be or not to be" of the future.
On the train in the supermarket on the streets this little saying is uttered over and over again.
I am also guilty of this utterance even though my name must show who I am I still need to say it and it really doesnt say anything does it?
So will phones become the old 'manuscripts' and will a single texter emerge as the new William Shakespeare? I have no doubt that graffiti will be the "rock paintings or fresco type reflections on who we are and what we were like. Whatever will they make of OMG!, LMAO, ROLF and the like........

This weeks challenge is brought to you by the lovely Patrice if you would like to see more artwork for this challenge pop over to her blog and follow the links.


05 May 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Burlesque


Well the weekend is almost over and its late Sunday afternoon here in frosty grey Melbourne. I nearly didnt make this challenge I ummed and arrred and changed my mind a bizillion times before finding the right path that finally led to a concept I was happy with.

There was a lot of burlesque or should I say burlesk on the internet when I was doing my research none of it quite fit the brief....until Liza appeared.


I loved this movie I saw it the first time when I was 10!
My parents were  parents of the 70s where kids were involved in adult conversations and deemed able to appreciate art, literature film and politics.

This film funnily enough epitomises the wonderful childhood I had and the eye opening things that I was allowed to see and do and form opinions on and share my thoughts. This helped shape my creativity. Now I think of those german expressionist posters with their bold use of black and solid blocks of colour being an influence on my style.

I remember after the movie eating dinner and discussing the film with my family and our friends family whose children saw the film too around the kitchen table. We were encouraged to participate in the conversation and even though there were a lot of the adult themes in it that I didnt understand at the time there was also a lot that I could relate to.

It awoke my passion for singing I still think Liza is one of the best female singers Ive ever heard.


Here are some links to get you in the cabaret/burlesque mood. Also links to the fonts I used.

My favourite scenes from Cabaret

mein herr


Liza Minnelli :: ITC bottleneck
Burlesque :: Adam Gorry Lights
Cabaret :: Adam Gorry Inline
Life is a :: Broadway

This challenge has been brought to us by the wonderful Tania please visit her blog to find more bone shakin burlesque inspired artwork