03 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: key


OH boy this being late with challenges is starting to annoy me.....but at least its here even if its late Ill keep telling myself that!
I loved this challenge so so much it was lots of fun. So a key is useless unless it has a keyhole to fit. This is inspired by all the wardrobes and desks I had in my family home as a child lots of pieces had locks and a key that went with them.
All different designs and details.
I hope you like these tags Ive had the blank ones sitting around for months waiting for me to throw them some attention and this weekend they finally got their turn to shine.
So now Im working on a series of them for my very empty and neglected etsy shop. There will be other designs too.

This weeks challenge was brought to you by the lovely and talented Miss Renilde if you would like to explore further the theme of key I suggest popping over to Renilde's blog and follow the links.



Susan Christensen said...

Great use of your cool tags, Helen. A key is useless with out a lock, this is true - seems like there are way more useless keys in this house than ones we use.
Happy week, love, sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

well, a key useless... i wonder... ;)))
perhaps i'd like to add, a hole is rather unnerving if the key is missing, and i have known contless occasions on which the key went bye-byes and i stared down a lock to be forged by, erm, something (sturdy) else. and i'll have you know, i'm a useless lock picker. i never get in ANYwhere, without my key!
hee hee...
enjoy your week, helentje!

fRau käthe said...

you'Re so Right ....

Patrice A. said...

a key without a keyhole
hmm... i must agree with nadine
a key can be nice by itself
but a keyhole without a key
.... than you are in trouble!
i love the drawing
and the tags!

Patrice A.

barbarabeesblog said...

You're right without one another one can get into trouble, but I agree also that some keys are treasures on their own. I really like your doodled tags, very nice!

Carole said...

Helen, these are great!
I haven't got two DC done in a row..... now that the opening is over I can get back to reading blogs and joining in the DCs again. Take care. xo Carole

mano said...

beautiful tags! I love black and white and your patterns! :-) mano

renilde said...

tags...key/hole tags,your design fits beautifully,
i love them, it's again your clear drawings and the b/w that does it for me Helen.
in a way you're right ofcourse, they belong together but they are not a pair (like shoes or earrings) and both beautiful in their own right(more like flowers and vases or birds and nests ,and evoking my imagination apart or together:)
i wonder what you're other tag designs are going to look like,
thanks dear for playing, xx

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
your tags are beautiful! I like the black and white, the graphical style. That black is so deep that both is possible: real holes and real keys, know what i mean?

Thank you for your 'choking' comment at my key :) and... that you wanna be our next host. I put you on the list of hostesses ;) please note the date of the 15th and 16th of June.


Stefanie Seltner said...

so very nice, I love the simplicity of those tags, very aesthetic!
x Stefanie

Norma Conway said...

Hi Helen! These tags are wonderful. They would make great key tags. I guess that is what you had in mind hey?!
What a completely romantic idea I have of your childhood furniture with locks and keys. Just right out of an old classic story from Dickens and the like. Well I realize that your childhood did not overlap Dickens but you know what I mean. N, xo

Cindi said...

I absolutely love these. Simple, graphic, cool!!!

Tammie Lee said...

we had lots of keys and key holes, not always knowing which went where ;-)

lovely to see your keys and tags ~

tanïa said...

So now we can put tags on keys and holes to know which opposite it's for, hehe, never in trouble again! Great idea and lovely tags by the way!