09 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: moodboard


I use moodboards as part of my design process for projects that I work on.
It helps to identify the look and feel that my clients are looking for in the finished product.
Moodboards are also an important tool allowing me to convey my ideas to my clients. These moodboards can consist of related images, fonts, colourways layout ideas and graphic styles.

For my own artwork I rarely use moodboards. They tend to exist in my head usually Im thinking on my feet and theres no time for the moodboard stage because creating a moodboard is almost a project in itself and takes up a good deal of time to put together.

So when I find a tool that makes the process quick and easy then I will consider using it even for some of my own projects.
Olioboard is such a tool a great little online moodboard generator Ive been playing with it all afternoon and I thought Id share it with you but I warn you its a little addictive. Still its a great way to generate ideas into moodboards that could easily become concepts.
It provides products from some good design retailers such as anthropolgie for you to create the boards from.

The first one I did was okay but not quite right a quick consult of some magazine layouts and the use of a loose grid and the next two were a lot better.
This fun drawing challenge was brought to you by the lovely Ariane if you would like to discover more moodboards pop over to her blog and follow the links.





fRau käthe said...

oh .... i love youR combination of colouRs. colouRful but all foR that .... cleaR.
thanks. käthe.

Tammie Lee said...

it is wonderful to see your boards and to hear your thoughts on mood boards. i have never made a traditional mood board, but i think the corners of art and alter type arrangements are a mood board. i have never thought about that.

your boards are wonderful.

Kristen Donegan said...

These are how I pictured mood boards would be- they remind me of magazine layouts- so inspiring and getting the creative juices going- I'll check out your link! Thanks!!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Ha, dear Helen,
didn't know that you use mood boards for your profession but know! Fancy! and what a firm handling with colour and space... Fun!

Thanks for playing.
You are the next hostess, Dear. I am noisy whats the theme is :)


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

for some reason i'd expected quite this, from you. for i think the very words to your blog posts are mood boards too! did you know?
i also think you may be musing upon the move...
thxs for the link though. it could come in handy, but i'm keeping it at bay. like you say, and no distraction needed for the time being... aw

Susan Christensen said...

These boards made me smile with delight, Helen. Thank you for the link - I will be interested to check that out.
Have a great week, sus

Chrissy Dwyer Art said...

I learnt about mood boards in my fashion design course and have often wanted to incorporate that idea into an artwork/ series of work for my art...haven't got the idea yet for it.

Carole said...

Thank you Helen for introducing olioboard to me. I'm a bit nervous about heading over there......I might not come out again! Your mood boards actually remind me of ones I've seen in magazines. Nice job!

sarapirat said...

wonderful collages!

Patrice A. said...

i LOVE your moodboards
and thank you for the link
i am no good with computers
and build my moodboards as
i have shown with this challenge

i am sorry
but i will not join
the dc this time
i am of to Finland
a short vivit to my brother


renilde said...

ha we picked the same lamp (i did chose the blue one ofcourse)

i do recognize you in your moodboards Helen, clean lines, patches of bright colors, a fun twist, leaving out the unnecessary, space, b/w,

happy rooms Helen, xx

tanïa said...

Thanks for telling me so much about moodboards, I think it must be interesting to find out about your clients by the help of this method. Love all of your moodboards, but I still have a favourite, the 2nd one, I think it's close to my taste...love the vintage materials, the petrol, green and orange spots within pure white and nature colours.
And thanks for the link, I hopped over for a short glimpse and closed the window soon, to not stay there for the rest of the day!! Not before saving the link, haha!

objects of whimsy said...

wow I turn my back and there is a flurry of comments...ah flurry such a nice word...anyway I hope you will join me in the drawing challenge...post willup soon!

Helen x

Stefanie Seltner said...

what I admire is the certain order in it!
and me I love the vintage yellow.
x Stefanie