15 June 2013

Drawing Challenge :: Morning Noon & Night

8:00 am

10:10 am

12:30 pm

3:15 pm

8:51 pm


Morning, Morning!

This was my day..........
As host of the drawing challenge this week I snapped my day being Saturday. Unfortunately I could have called it night as it was so dark grey and dreary sigh! thats winter for you......
This is a snapshot of a typical Saturday for me. Starts with coffee in bed. My dresser is the first thing I see when I get out of bed. Then I usually sit down to do some drawing. Lately I have been working on the tag project and have quite a few done now. Then I go for a walk to the shops planned to take more pics but it rained and wasnt able to hold umbrella and take pics. Managed to snap some nice brown winter leaves. Then I baked our bread for the weekend crusty white Stan's favorite. Finally my favorite night shot  I had to wait till the neighbors got home and turned their light on before I could snap it. I didnt think they would return in time!

If you would like to see what others have done with the theme morning noon and night just follow the links below.

Enjoy your weekend!
Helen x





♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

so sweet. to show us your saturday routine. saturdays are good, aren't they? i take to them.
i love your rituals as well. drawing in the morning, baking bread, getting excited about a plan (such as snapping that fantastic stained glass...).
this was a merciful theme, helen! cheers,

roberto said...

Hi Helen!!! I think my favorite hour is 3,15 pm (with butter and some armalade :))))

Leena said...

Thank you Helen for sharing your day :) Leena

Cindi said...

I love that you had to wait til the neighbors arrived so that you could snap a photo of the window. There is something so fun in having a "secret" plan and carrying it out. It sounds like you had a pleasant Saturday--that crusty white bread looks especially delicious!

Carole said...

Mmmmm Helen, I can smell your bread from here!
Wow, that glass window was worth your wait.....

I goofed and thought I'd signed up but I didn't but I still did the challenge!

Have a great week.

objects of whimsy said...

Ill pop you on the list Carole..

Roberto thats my husbands favorite way to eat my bread...

The thing is about the window is that the neighbors really dont know how special it looks at nighttime as its a boundary window.....Ill have to invite them over one day.

Enjoy your day everyone x

Norma Conway said...

Hi Helen! What is a boundary window? I love your plan as well. The waiting. The anticipation and question of whether you will have success (like if they went away on vacation for two weeks suddenly; HA!)
This theme took me on an interesting voyage of artful creation. I did enjoy it so much, thanks!!!
Your whole wintry day is filled with such light. It is remarkable how great that light is. Whether morning light coming through a window, or day light outside. Just great. N, xo

Ariane Reichardt said...

Dear Helen,
I with a chuckle I listen your words, look at your photos. Like a little detective I absorb any information about your day. In the morning, that light, that atmosphere, peacy easing... later the autumn weather and the bread...yummy! But the best for me... the window... and of course, you, waiting for the return of your neighbours! HA, what a performance!

So, thank you for the theme... it was silent exciting... the selfreflection.

xo Ariane.

objects of whimsy said...

Yes I can see that window from all of my kitchen, study and bedroom. I love looking at it at night. Im really sad when they go away or go out at night.

A boundary wall is where their house a terrace house is built on the boundary of my property there are no other windows except this one. Its quite unusual.

renilde said...

very atmospheric Helen, i tend to forget it's winter where you live, much softer colors than the ones summer brings along, the winter leaves in combination with the green and blue-grey is very inspiring to me, gorgeous colors,
i want to hear that bread crunch
and the window of your neighbours made me smile, i do see why you feel attached to it,
thanks for a lovely theme, x