03 August 2014

Hello Im here!

The long and short....

Im not sure if anyone is popping in here anymore and I dont blame you if you dont because lets face it this poor ol blog has been neglected no wait abandoned that is a better word.

Why has it been left transfixed in time...... suspended in motion? I dont really have an answer as to why.
I can throw the usual reasons out there a busy life, an uncertain future, too time poor and those are valid, in small doses, but I think what has happened is plainly and simply that I lost the joy for it.

My community of regular followers were small (and I am ever thankful for those who persisted) so blogging never was a means to an end for me. I did it because at the time I enjoyed it....alot.

Is this post heralding my return?
I cant tell you that.
All I know is that I felt like popping in here recording a reason for my long absence and letting anyone who was wondering know what I was up to.

So what am I doing? I teach still and havent made the move back to my island home yet that will be happening at the end of my current work agreement.

Im going back to uni next year to do my masters in education.

Ive developed a real love for instagram it serves the purpose for me at this time in my life I love that its instant and feeds my pleasure of taking photos and sharing them with others.
I would love for any of you to visit my instagram channel and say hello if you want to if you are an instagram fan like myself you can find me here @misssnaphappy.

Drawing Challenges

Well things are funny in that area I do miss them a lot.
 At the moment Im immersed in computer art. Developing games design and animation projects.
I do some sketching with a local urbansketchers group from time to time where things are pretty free and easy. You attend when you can.
I also did a screenprinting course that was fun printed my own fabric and made a cushion from it.

Remember the tags I did for a drawing challenge??? Im still doing those I have about 40 in the series now what I will do with them Im not sure.
It was suggested that I exhibit and sell them just an idea floating around.
I would need about 100 I think so Im a long way of that number!

My Cat

Remember my cat Tilly she made it in a few of my posts and features as my profile picture.
My beautiful girl passed away a couple of months back and I wasnt prepared for just how devastated Id be once she was gone.
I guess when you have a pet with you virtually every day for 14 years from baby to old age its going to leave a big gap in your life.

So I have no pets at the moment first time in 20 years and it feels empty.
But luckily I have my magpie families that visit me for a feed they feel a bit like pets.
We wont get dog or cat till we move back home now its too hard in a rental property.

Well thats about it as you can see there really hasnt been that much going on in the year since Ive been away from here I have popped into your blogs from time to time and have seen that some of you have moved your blogs up to another level and I felt very proud of you all which is funny yes? maybe? this blogging caper is a funny thing in itself!


One major reason for not blogging is that I have fallen completely and utterly out of love with blogger as a blogging platform.
Im looking into some other alternatives so who knows if I find something that suits my needs I may resurrect this blog but for the time being objectsofwhimsy is having an indefinite break.

I wish you well friends!

Helen x